Adapted Nutrition
brand Adapted Nutrition

Science-based natural hydration products derived from sea minerals to quickly rehydrate the body

Adapted Nutrition Science-based natural hydration products derived from sea minerals to quickly rehydrate the body


Date Established 12/2014
Founder Jeremy Adams
Headquarters Redondo Beach, CA, USA
Beverage, Beauty
Press Contact Janette Rizk


Adapted Nutrition was founded in 2015 with a commitment to providing simple, science-based hydration products derived from natural sea minerals with no added sugar, maltodextrin, artificial ingredients or fillers that are found in most nutritional supplements. Adapted Nutrition was among the first brands to create electrolyte supplements that wouldn’t “break your fast” during intermittent fasting. Due to its dedication to “clean product” values, Adapted Nutrition became a favorite among the burgeoning keto community by helping to combat keto flu without any sugar or maltodextrin (which spikes blood sugar and kicks you out of ketosis). Today, Adapted Nutrition is a leader in both the keto supplements and natural sports hydration markets and continue to provide solutions for clean, science-based nutrition without added sugars, artificial ingredients or fillers. Adapted Nutrition products naturally serve the needs of keto, paleo and vegan communities -- and crossfitters, yogis and athletes of all kinds have found the science-based, natural supplements are the most effective way to fuel their active lifestyles. 

Founding Story


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Jeremy Adams

Founder, CEO
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Jeremy Adams is natural products entrepreneur and CEO with almost 20 years in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and more than a decade in the natural food, beverage and supplements industries. He is founder and CEO of Adapted Nutrition, the Amazon Best-Selling, natural + sugar-free hydration brand. He is also the founder of Kinderfarms, the natural + doctor-formulated family health and wellness company and Co-founder of conscious products consulting firm BeyondBrands.

With a Harvard MBA and background as a growth-driving CMO, General Manager and strategy consultant, Jeremy is passionate about building iconic lifestyle brands and companies in the organic and conscious products industry (e.g., GT's Kombucha, POM Wonderful, Boxed Water, Bossa Nova Superfruits Company). His experience includes identifying new white space opportunities and developing brands and business strategy for both public and private equity backed CPG's, along with building best-in-class marketing, sales and innovation capabilities from the ground up. Prior experience includes managing P&L, award winning innovation and 360 marketing campaigns for Unilever's top brands including Dove, AXE and Q-tips.