Aisling Organics A revolutionary line of high-performance and organic makeup


Date Established 01/2016
Founder Krysta Lewis
Headquarters Salem, New Hampshire, USA
Press Contact Krysta Lewis


All-Inclusive Mascara
All-Inclusive Mascara $18.00
Cheek Tint
Cheek Tint $20.00
Glow Getter Foundation SPF-15
Glow Getter Foundation SPF-15 $29.00
Tinted Lip Oil
Tinted Lip Oil $15.00


Aisling Organics believes people should not have to sacrifice health for beauty or beauty for health. Everyone deserves the best of both worlds: plant-based makeup that actually works. They stand for clear beauty, which represents clear purpose, products, and pricing. Their makeup is all-natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free and is made for people of all ages and colors. They are designed to empower people, not make them feel like they need to live up to some artificial standard of beauty. Aisling Organics lowered their prices in September of 2020 so everyone could get access to clean and safe products. As a result, their pricing is now in line with makeup from a drugstore yet has the highest quality of natural ingredients and luxury packaging.

Aisling Organics stands for CLEAR beauty, which represents the following pillars:

Clear Purpose

They are here to do BIG things and make an impact in society, both locally and internationally. This includes initiatives to be plastic-neutral, reduce waste with secondary packaging and give back to organizations like Lipstick Angels, who enrich the lives of cancer patients by offering empowering beauty services.

Clear Products

Botanically-based formulas that are effective and SAFE. Aisling Organics predominantly uses natural and organic ingredients but will always be transparent when there is a need for a safe synthetic or preservative to keep your favorite products from harming consumers.

Clear Pricing

Aisling Organics believes everyone deserves to have access to clean and safe products, hence why their pricing is now in line with purchasing makeup from a drugstore yet has the highest quality of natural ingredients and luxury packaging.

Founding Story

Krysta launched Aisling Organics at 21 years old, straight out of college -- not only because of her passion for makeup but as a necessity for a health problem. She spent 7 years suffering from migraines and nausea to eventually discover her cosmetics were the culprit. She sent them off to a lab and they came back positive for ingredients like formaldehyde, flame retardants, mercury and aluminum… things that belong in an auto shop and not your beloved beauty products. She searched the shelves for products that were truly natural AND had longwear abilities but quickly came short. Feeling in her soul that there needed to be better options, she launched Aisling in 2016 with a vision that one day every individual would only put the purest products on their skin to promote optimal health. She believes people deserve the best of both worlds: plant-based makeup that actually works.


Founder Bio Image

Krysta Lewis

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Krysta Lewis is the CEO of Aisling Organics, a revolutionary high-performance organic makeup brand. She was sick for years with chronic migraines and nausea and found out that the culprit was her makeup; the last thing she would’ve expected. When she started Aisling Organics, she was only 21 years old and was told she wouldn't be able to accomplish anything because of her age and lack of experience. Thankfully, she believed in herself enough to ignore those people.

Krysta always says, “don't let someone who didn't accomplish their dreams talk you out of yours.” Within two years of launch, she has built one of the most successful e-commerce start-ups and has grown an extensive following to earn the recognition of one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2018 and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. The cosmetics industry is one of the most competitive on the market but she’s been able to succeed in it due to her willingness to learn and be open-minded. Krysta didn't become Entrepreneur of the Year by chance - it took investing in herself, trusting her instinct, being consistent, and building on her strengths.


start quotation marks Obsessed with this mascara! It’s a smooth formula, so easy to build up intensity with no clumps or flakes. I love that it has good-for-your-lashes ingredients as well. Highly recommend! end quotation marks
Shannonelainexo Verified Reviewer
start quotation marks I have sensitive, oily-acne prone skin. I've been wearing the foundation for a week now and have been loving it! It lasts through my sweaty workouts, and holds up all day with my oily skin! It did not make me break out. I also love how a little bit goes a long way! I love the medium to full coverage. It doesn't settle in lines and feels amazing on my skin. I set the foundation to lock it in all day. It stays looking beautiful all day! I definitely will continue to purchase! end quotation marks
Kristie C. Verified Buyer
start quotation marks I never used anything but a powder blush before using the cheek tints. They are wonderfully creamy and so easy to apply. I have oily skin typically and would avoid anything in cream form but this is amazing. It feels like nothing on my skin, not the least bit ‘greasy’ and lasts all day. Great for accentuating and highlighting in a very natural way end quotation marks
Christine P. Verified Buyer