Introducing Aiya ayiA, The Luxury Sustainable Handbag Collection
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Aiya ayiA is a new sustainable luxury brand, launching its core collection of plant leather handbags and accessories made from agricultural waste, void of toxic chemicals, petroleum, plastics & is PETA Approved Vegan. Every style is handcrafted by skilled artisans in local ateliers.

Fuelled by a sense of purpose to leave a legacy for future generations to live towards and inspired by the circle of life, every aspect of our business is designed using circular economy techniques. Starting with ingredients from nature that can be safely broken down into nutrients and returned to give back everything that was taken from Mother Nature to achieve zero waste.

Our natural textiles are created from leftover plant waste with colours derived naturally from flowers and tree bark making them renewable, sustainable, ecological, chemical - toxic free, and biodegradable.

The core collection consists of six styles and three interchangeable straps for easy customization. The base styles are named after water, the foundation of all life.


Brand — Mother nature is the source of life and our muse. Each element is inspired and reflected in our brand. We have carefully thought out every aspect to ensure we leave a positive impact on our natural resources.

Logo — Inspired by scenes of a perfect reflection created on water. Water shifts & changes but the reflection stays the same.

Icon — Represents mountains & valleys. Mountains are strong, bold, unwavering, & limitless as they reach for the sky. Valleys are important spaces flowing with water, food, & shelter - vital to sustaining life.

With every order, we plant a tree with our eco-partner Tree Era to show our appreciation & gratitude to mother nature.

For more information check out our website and instagram below.


Instagram: aiya_ayia_

Contact information:

Shaleen Ratansi | | +1 514-884-1744


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