Alta Goods Organic, plant powered tahini bites with full spectrum hemp for mind-body balance and calm


Date Established 02/2020
Founder Nyree Bekarian Mack, Alexa Lombardo
Headquarters Boston, MA
Food, Beauty
Press Contact Nyree Bekarian Mack


Rosemary + Fig Tahini Bite
Rosemary + Fig Tahini Bite $4.99
Sesame + Honey Tahini Bite
Sesame + Honey Tahini Bite $4.99
Turmeric + Ginger Tahini Bite
Turmeric + Ginger Tahini Bite $4.99


Alta makes delicious full spectrum hemp-infused functional snacks, made with only the best wholesome ingredients, that bring mind-body balance within reach. Alta combines flavor and functionality in good-for-you snacks packaged for easy portability to deliver a calm-inducing experience anytime, anywhere. Alta's Tahini Bites are made with 20mg of carefully sourced, 3rd party lab-tested CBD and come in three unique flavor combinations: Sesame + Honey, Turmeric + Ginger, and Rosemary + Fig. Packed with healthy ingredients like organic pumpkin seeds and tahini, a nutritious sesame butter, Alta Bites are layered with complex flavors and hints of natural sweetness. Built on the notion that every bite should enhance wellness, Alta never uses artificial ingredients or refined sugar.

Alta bites were noted by the Wall Street Journal in October 2020 as one of the best tasting hemp-infused foods on the market. The brand and our founder, Nyree Bekarian Mack, were highlighted by New Hope Network in March 2021 as a leading women-owned brand.

Founding Story

At Alta, we know how challenging it can be to escape the noise and find your sense of calm. We believe achieving a sense of daily balance should be an attainable goal and satisfying experience. We create snackable products that provide consistent, convenient ways to nourish body and mind - so that you can find peace in the chaos with greater ease and enjoyment. 

Founded by Nyree (scientist, regulatory expert, and busy mom of two), who was looking for ways to integrate more functional ingredients into her daily routine, and also find a more holistic way to treat migraines. After trying CBD, Nyree quickly became an advocate. However, she was surprised by the lack of transparency the sourcing, extracting and processing of the ingredient.  She also disliked the messiness and inconsistent dosing that came with traditional product forms - oils and tinctures - and wasn't interested in eating the overly-processed, low-quality ingredients commonly found in CBD snacks, like gummies.

So, she set out to create a functional food brand inspired by her experience with CBD. Her mission: to create a line of delicious, easy to eat products that contain good-for-you ingredients you can trust in unique flavor profiles for ultimate satisfaction anytime, anywhere. 

After months of testing recipes, the Tahini Bite was born. Our signature product, this hemp-infused snack delivers quality-sourced hemp extract, accurately dosed for consistency, flavored with unconventional ingredients, for an enjoyable, calming experience you can count on.




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Alexa Lombardo

Head of Marketing
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Alexa Lombardo is the Head of Marketing for Alta Goods. A seasoned marketing strategist and brand builder, Alexa began her career working for some of the biggest names in beauty and personal care including Estee Lauder and Unilever. A serial entrepreneur, Alexa has a honed expertise in building disruptive consumer brands with sustainability, transparency and inclusivity at their core. Personally passionate about CBD and its benefits, Alexa has been an avid consumer of hemp products and has collaborated with several other brands and founders on the development and launch of their product lines prior to meeting Nyree through mutual friends.

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Nyree Bekarian Mack

Founder & CEO
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Nyree is the Founder and CEO of Alta Goods. She is a environmetal health scientist, chemical regulatory expert, and busy mom of two. Nyree has spent over 15 years studying exposures to human health toxins in our environemnt and consumer products. Her experitise in chemical safety of consumer goods is foundational for Alta's pillars of functionality, wellness, and transparency. Nyree set out to create Alta after turning to CBD products to help with chronic migraines caused by hormone dysfunction and stress. She quickly realized that, in the face of a patchwork of regulations around hemp, the world of CBD infused products was the Wild West. Nyree drew from her background in science and experience with Clean Beauty and founded Alta, with high quality sourcing, product safety, and transparency in mind.

Nyree has an undergraduate degree from Tufts University and a Masters of Public Health from University of California Berkeley. Her (paying) day job is helping cosmetic companies remove problem ingredients from their products, advocating for and educating on non-toxic ingredients. When she's not working or hanging out with her family, you can find her out running, skiing, rockclimbing, or gardening.


start quotation marks "I felt calm enough that I didn’t want to scream at anyone when they weren’t doing their chores, but alert and awake to write 20 postcards to Florida voters. 5 stars!” end quotation marks
Heather Coffman Customer
start quotation marks “No better way to kick off my day than with a solid sweat session and a Turmeric & Ginger bit to recover!” end quotation marks
Lilly Vollman Customer
start quotation marks "Thank you Alta for making the rosemary and fig tahini bite. It is the perfect balance when I'm craving something healthy yet delicious. It improves my mood, it's not too sweet and it's nutritious." end quotation marks
Lauren Rome Customer, Founder Romer Skin