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Date Established 08/2018
Founder Travis Nguyen
Headquarters Irvine, California, USA
Press Contact Travis Nguyen


Launched in 2018, Arriste makes premium exercise and recovery products designed to help people perform at their best. The millennial duo behind the brand, Travis Nguyen and Steven Lam, started out by creating the Medik Percussive Massager, a recovery tool that uses rapid targeted pulses to the body to relieve tension, speed up recovery, and increase mobility. It offers a unique combination of features that enable users to effectively massage their entire body without requiring the assistance of another person. Arriste's current product lineup includes the Medik Percussive Massager, along with weightlifting accessories such as fabric resistance bands and lifting straps, as well as men and women's apparel. Products are sold primarily direct-to-consumer but are also sold in select boutique gyms. In 2021, Arriste's product lineup will grow to include home exercise equipment and an expanded premium apparel line.

Founding Story

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, Travis was pushing himself in the gym day in and day out, only to find that in training his body to lift heavier weights, he was also getting stiffer and less mobile. He tried seemingly every remedy to alleviate the tension, from stretching to foam rolling to professional massages. Eventually, it got to the point that he embarrassingly wasn’t even able to bend at the hips 90 degrees without also bending his knees. Lower back and neck pain became routine struggles for him. In early 2018, “massage guns” began trending, and Travis was in the market for one. But when he looked at what was out there, he found that they were too expensive, too noisy, or compromised on the features he wanted. He felt that he could make one better, so he set to work on creating his own, naming the brand, Arriste. Derived from the ancient Greek phrase, "Aien Aristeuein," Arriste means "Ever to Excel." A year and a half later, hero product Medik Percussive Massager was born, combining the best features of what existed on the market without the shortcomings. Arriste set out to create a tool for elite athletes - but they ended up with a device that could benefit everyone. Arriste continues to help people in the endless pursuit of excellence in fitness, health, and life.‍


Travis Nguyen


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Travis is the stoic leader at the helm of Arriste. During his brief stint as a sales manager right out of college, he learned the unfortunate news that due to poor investments and financial mismanagement, his parents' retirement situation was looking incredibly bleak. A man dedicated to his family above all else, he took it upon himself to retire his parents and give them the life he felt they deserved. He realized that no matter how good he got at his current job, he wouldn't earn enough to provide for both him and his parents in the capacity that he wanted to. So, he set off on his own, combining the skills he acquired from his time in quality assurance, his leadership experience as a Boy Scouts of America crew adviser, and his enthusiasm for health and fitness to create Arriste, a premium fitness product brand aimed at helping people in their pursuit of excellence in health, fitness, and life.