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Date Established 10/2016
Founder Stephanie and Vince Fowler
Headquarters Minneapolis, MN
Fashion, Parenting, Beauty
Press Contact Stephanie Fowler


Austin | Fowler is a Minneapolis based company that designs bags for the woman who wants to feel chic and organized on the go. They are a brand passionate about eliminating unnecessary stress and overwhelm from the lives of women by simplifying their everyday bag.

Whether you're using your Austin | Fowler bag for work, travel, a day out with the family, they believe it matters that you feel pulled together and chic along the way. And more than that, when you have an organized bag, you have a sense of calm and confidence that shows through you. You should never have to sacrifice chic style for organization, Austin | Fowler marries them together in beautiful bags and accessories. Something as simple as your every day bag can allow you to show up as your best self to be ready for whatever the day brings.

Founding Story

Austin | Fowler was founded by husband and wife duo Vince and Stephanie Fowler. Steph was a busy corporate executive with four little kids at home when she began designing the bag she always wanted but could never find. She wanted a bag that was chic enough to carry to a client meeting but practical enough for a day out with the family. She scoured shops and ended up frustrated that she couldn't find anything that fit her style of an elevated and polished bag with gorgeous details that was also functional. While Steph doesn't have a design background, she believed that if she was frustrated by not being able to find a polished and functional bag, other women must be searching for the same thing. She just began to take the next step to bring Austin | Fowler to life.

The genesis of the name Austin | Fowler is that Austin is Steph's maiden name and represents the classic style she has always loved and Fowler, her married name, represents the functionality and organization she craved once she had kids. Since 2015, Vince and Steph have been growing Austin | Fowler with their four little kids in tow watching and soaking up the entire entrepreneurial journey.


Stephanie Fowler

Founder & CEO

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Stephanie Fowler is a wife, mom of four, and founder of Austin | Fowler, whom she founded with her husband Vince. She is a former corporate executive who took a leap of faith to develop a brand and products that allow women to feel chic and organized on the go. She has an absolute passion for helping women to feel chic and organized on the go, and every product developed has that mission in mind.

Vince Fowler

Co -Founder, Chief Operating Officer

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Vince Fowler, husband, dad of four, and former professional basketball player, joined up with his wife in the adventure of building Austin | Fowler. Together, they have created a fast growing brand that has simplified the lives of thousands of people all over the world. Vince manages the supply chain for Austin | Fowler as well as the shipping of all products.

He has a keen eye for detail and quality and is relentless in his pursuit of perfecting the products and making sure the presentation and shipping of products is impeccable.