Date Established 05/2020
Founder Denetrias "Dee" Charlemagne, Alex Doman
Headquarters New York, NY
Press Contact Madeline Watson


Ginger $36.00
Hibiscus & Pomegranate
Hibiscus & Pomegranate $36.00
Jalapeño & Blood Orange
Jalapeño & Blood Orange $36.00
Yuzu & Lime
Yuzu & Lime $36.00


AVEC [Av-ek], French for "with", is a premium all-natural beverage brand of juice-based mixers meant to be added to alcohol for tastier, healthier, and more sustainable cocktails. Made in Brooklyn, New York, each of our five lightly carbonated mixers draws from real, global ingredients such as, yuzu juice from Japan or blood orange from Italy, to create naturally low-sugar, low-calorie pairings for spirit drinks. AVEC is available in five uniquely delicious, low calorie, low sugar drinks, made from real juices and natural botanicals. Perfectly balanced to be mixed with your favorite spirits to update endless cocktails such as: a spicy margarita with Jalapeño & Blood Orange (2g sugar, 15 cals); a Paloma by way of Grapefruit & Pomelo (3g sugar, 15 cals); or a warming mule with the spiced Ginger & Pineapple (4g sugar, 20 cals). AVEC ships nationwide ($36 for a 12-pack; or $45 for a Sampler Pack with free shipping) at (affiliate links via ShareASale), and is stocked in NYC, the Hamptons and upstate NY on-and-off-premise at venues like Brooklyn Fare, Forager's Market, Mekelburg's, The Goods Mart, Round Swamp Farm, Amber Waves, Nature's Pantry and more. 

Founding Story

AVEC Co-Founders and friends, Denetrias "Dee" Charlemagne and Alex Doman, noticed one thing that all drinks have in common: compromise. Tasteless vodka sodas. High balls, like rum & coke, full of nasties. Complicated cocktails teeming with sugar. Thoroughly unsatisfied, Dee and Alex created their own mixer. Or five, rather. Five uniquely delicious, low calorie, low sugar drinks. Made from real juices and natural botanicals. Perfectly balanced to be mixed with your favorite spirit. AVEC launched in 2020 with the single minded mission: Never compromise your spirit. Drink better, mix AVEC.


Founder Bio Image

Denetrias "Dee" Charlemagne

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Denetrias "Dee" Charlemagne is the co-founder of AVEC, a line of premium, better for you mixers made in Brooklyn. Named after the French word for with, AVEC is changing what you mix “with” your spirit. Launched in 2020, AVEC is rethinking their category, creating all natural, real mixers that are low in sugar and calories and a brand that speaks to the diverse and progressive spirit of today. A NYC native, Dee was formerly an advertising executive with a blend of experiences spanning traditional marketing, digital, media, branded content and publishing. Despite being raised in the Bronx then having the opportunity to go to an elite prep school and college, she always felt like there was no brand that spoke to both of those worlds. Through her work at creative agencies like Ogilvy and publishers like VICE, she came to understand how brands are built and communities are created, and wanted to connect all the different communities she is a part of. The goal: AVEC is not just a mixer, it’s a way to get people from diverse backgrounds to actually mix. Dee holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and bachelors from Harvard University.

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Alex Doman

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Before founding AVEC, Alex worked as a principal consultant at a boutique management consulting firm in London. He focused on helping consumer-facing businesses develop their strategy & turnaround plans. Eventually, he developed a specialty in Hospitality, Food & Beverage - advising many of the UK’s leading brands. It was here - while working on a project for one of the UK’s largest bar chains - that he discovered the vast shortcomings in the mixer category and came up with the idea for AVEC. Growing up in the UK, but of Australian & Canadian heritage - he has always been obsessed with flavor. Always mobile and exploring new foods and cultures - Alex loves to cook and will talk excitedly about food and ingredients - especially those in AVEC. Alex graduated from Columbia Business School with an MBA, London Business School with a MiM, and Edinburgh University with a degree in History.


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