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Balance The Superfood Shot

Half of your daily servings of organic fruits and vegetables in one bottle


Date Established
Founder Kyle FitzGerald and Chris Thowe
Headquarters Kansas City
Health & Wellness, Beverage
Press Contact Christie Carter



Move over broccoli. This is Balance, the Superfood Shot.
The body needs fruits and vegetables. Science says so. But needing fruits and vegetables and actually eating them are two different things. That’s where The Super Food Shot comes in.
They are Balance, the Superfood Shot. (AKA, the company formerly known as Life Equals.) They are a company made up of real people who believe in real food and returning to the basics. They wake up each day with the desire to make a difference and, if they are lucky, leave the world a bit better than they found it. Faux health foods, fad diets and false promises are just that:  Faux, fad and false. With Balance the Superfood Shot, it’s all about real products that address the health of America.

Founding Story

Born from the simple desire to get quality, sustainable products to people, Life Equals was established in 2011. After launching a successful line of nutritional support supplements, founders Chris and Kyle wanted to get back to the basics of fruits and veggies. With the help of doctors, dietitians, medical professions, health coaches, and that little spark, Balance the Superfood Shot was born.

They are now known as Balance the Superfood Shot. And they work tenaciously every day to improve the Standard American Diet. One-shot at a time.


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