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Clean microbiome skincare dedicated to visibly healthy, balanced skin through proven probiotics + plant superfoods nutrition

BIOMILK Skincare Clean microbiome skincare dedicated to visibly healthy, balanced skin through proven probiotics + plant superfoods nutrition


Date Established 01/2018
Founder Valerie Casagrande, Katie Raeburn
Headquarters Pennington, NJ
Press Contact Valerie Casagrande



BIOMILK is a clean beauty company dedicated to true skin health through proven Probiotics + plant-based superfood nutrition for the skin biome. What sets BIOMILK apart: each product is specifically formulated to work with your own skin and its delicate ecosystem - or biome. Modern life is damaging skin at an unprecedented rate (chemicals, toxins, allergens, blue light...) and current mainstream skincare products are not formulated to respect the skin's natural balance. BIOMILK is here to treat it that way, delivering the natural, safe, and clean nutrition it craves with the results to prove it. BIOMILK’s head-to-toe skincare line includes a Face Scrub, Day Cream, Night Cream, Daily Serum, Hands and Body Lotion, Youth Glow Sheet Mask and Vegan Prebiotic Lip Balm. 

BIOMILK was voted Most Innovative Natural Brand at Cosmoprof 2018, and Special Mention for Best New Product at NY Now 2019. With an all-new upgraded line (packaging & formulas) shipping as of Q1 2021, BIOMILK is poised to  take the indie beauty world by storm!

Founding Story

Two health fanatics on a mission. Years ago, having discovered all the benefits of using homemade probiotic drinks to help keep her young family healthy, Valerie Casagrande began researching the virtues of probiotics for skincare. What she found amazed her; probiotics, these good-for-you bacteria found in yogurt and good for internal balance, work very similarly on your skin, keeping it healthy and balanced. Millions of good bacteria live in harmony with our cells and keep our skin balanced, resilient and protected from external stressors. Valerie identified a whole new way of thinking about skincare to achieve skin health - which is very different from the way skincare was being developed at the large CPG firms where she had spent her career so far. She put her deep industry experience to work on a new generation of skincare formulations that start with the needs of your own skin and its delicate ecosystem, feeding it using only natural, clean and safe plant superfoods as well as clinically-proven probiotics and prebiotics actives. In 2017, Valerie joined forces with former colleague Katie Raeburn and they got to work bringing BIOMILK to consumers online and through traditional retail. In February, 2021 the pair released their fully-upgraded 100% clean and Microbiome friendly lineup, including a new vibrant design.


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Valerie Casagrande

Co-founder & CEO
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Valerie Casagrande has 15 years experience in Brand Management in the Beauty, Personal Care, and Health industries. She worked on over 20 brands, including Aveeno Skincare, Batiste Dry Shampoo, and Nair. Valerie is a mom of two boys aged 9 and 12 + 1 Australian Shepherd puppy. Forever a French girl at heart, Valerie is a healthy living enthusiast, home-made yogurt chef, and martial artist currently calling the Garden State home.

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Katie Raeburn

Co-founder & Head of E-commerce
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Katie Raeburn has 12 years experience in marketing, e-commerce and management consulting and has her MBA from Columbia Business School '13.

Raeburn is a Bay Area, CA transplant originally from New York who loves to enjoy outdoor sports like hiking, biking and skiing. She's a mom of two and homemade food champion; especially fermented + pickled foods and grain-free delicacies.