Date Established
Founder Patta Arkaresvimun
Headquarters San Francisco
Food, Tech
Press Contact Patta Arkaresvimun


Co-Working Kitchen
Co-Working Kitchen $25.00
Cooking on the rooftop
Cooking on the rooftop $80.00
Online Cooking Class
Online Cooking Class $55.00


BiteUnite is a co-working kitchen, online cooking class, and café for budding food entrepreneurs and chefs. BiteUnite recognizes the challenges that food entrepreneurs face when making the leap to take their business to the next level by providing a licensed, fully equipped and insured co-working kitchen, coupled with savvy software and ongoing business support with the ultimate goal for passionate home cooks and professional chefs to expand on a commercial level.

San Francisco’s high rent and limited space inspired BiteUnite to create a business that helps food entrepreneurs access expert equipment and tap into a highly supportive community dedicated to helping them get their dreams off the ground. Moreover, BiteUnite can host special events, where chefs and guests can throw a dinner party of their dreams, tastings, as well as cooking classes that center around a theme or technique.

The co-working space doubles as a neighborhood café, offering passerbys and everyday foodies a chance to observe chefs as they work and sample their products. For kitchen members, BiteUnite is also a compelling testing ground where they can retail their product through the company’s online platform and café, targeted directly to consumers. This helps chefs gain valuable consumer feedback as they continue to evolve their culinary creations.

The online cooking class has corralled a stable of incredible chefs from around the globe for their extensive series of virtual cooking workshops. Learn how to make Pad Thai,  katsudon from a Tokyo master or traditional Italian dishes from a Roman one, or stick closer to home with a class led by one of the chefs who work their magic inside Bite Unite's own kitchens. 

Founding Story

BiteUnite's founder, Patta was born in Bangkok and has lived, worked, cooked, and feasted her way around the world. From Singapore to Paris to Hong Kong, her journey has brought her to San Francisco. Founding BiteUnite in 2015, Patta has created a space to support local chefs, share the love of cooking through classes and events and bring the community together around really great food.


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Patta Arkaresvimun

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Patta Arkaresvimun is a woman of all trades. In the past, she has worked as a Visual Trend Analyst and Creative Director for both Philips Designs and Gibson Innovations in Hong Kong.  After over a decade in the industry, Patta left the corporate world to pursue her love for fresh, authentic food. She saw a crucial need for food entrepreneurs to have the resources and support they require when launching their small businesses. With this knowledge, she was inspired to create BiteUnite Hong Kong in 2015, a company aimed to bridge the gap between home cook and chef, all while offering a safe community space that allows food entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. To much success, BiteUnite has become a community gathering space for chefs and foodies alike, a place to grow careers, and gather over a delicious meal. 

Originally from Thailand, Patta has called Hong Kong home for the last 10 years. The city’s high rent and limited space inspired her to create a business that could help budding entrepreneurs and passionate chefs find success. Now, she’s made the jump into the Western Hemisphere to settle in San Francisco with her family in 2018, to create the same community in the States. San Francisco’s diversity and love of delicious cuisines was a natural next step for BiteUnite. Patta is determined to offer the same valuable amenities to individuals looking to make their food business dreams come true in San Francisco.


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start quotation marks This experience was WONDERFUL!! Patta was an excellent teacher and helped us make an amazing Pad Thai that my entire family enjoyed!! She was patient with us and really helped us understand how truly authentic Pad Thai is made. Patta was so personable and engaging. We did this together with a team from work and loved the opportunity to spend time together virtually and enjoyed eating together after we finished cooking!! I highly recommend this to anyone that likes Pad Thai and would like to learn how to make this together!! Thank you Patta! end quotation marks
Cydney Online cooking class Guest
start quotation marks Everything about this experience was incredible-right from the amazing location on the rooftop, the thoughtful hospitality, lovely interaction at a safe distance with others, the curated ingredients that were made available, the amazing storytelling and instructions from Patta and the tasty food! A huge thank you for going above and beyond to make Valentine's Day so special for us Patta! end quotation marks
Aish In Person cooking classes (Rooftop cooking class)
start quotation marks We joined BiteUnite because they are incredibly supportive and professional partners. BiteUnite truly cares about its members, and we're so grateful to be a part of their wonderful community. From offering a clean and beautiful kitchen space to promoting our shefs on social media, BiteUnite has been incredibly supportive as we all work together to serve our community safely during the pandemic. In August 2020, the Shef company announced it had raised $8.8 million in funding. end quotation marks
Alvin Salehi <> American tech entrepreneur, attorney and angel investor. He is the co-founder of Shef, and a former White House technology advisor under President Obama.