New Mission-Driven Brand Launches Collection of Mood-Shaping Fragrances In Partnership With A Sense Of Home
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Long Island, New York (June 29, 2021) –– Home is more than a place to live, it’s a place to thrive. Today, CASA Home has officially debuted their line of expertly curated home fragrances aimed to enhance your mood and transform your space. Founded with the core belief that everyone deserves a home in a true sense of the word, CASA Home has partnered with A Sense of Home (ASOH) to support former foster youth and help prevent homelessness.

CASA Home’s new line of products include three mood-shaping candles designed to unlock your mind and enhance your experience of home. These unique scents are responsibly sourced using high quality ingredients, carefully selected and blended in Grasse, France – the perfume capital of the world. The CASA Home team has conscientiously curated their ingredients list to only include those essential oils which come from premium, ethical sources harvested at the perfect moment.

The nose behind CASA Homes' bespoke scents is Stephanie Anderson of the renowned IFF Laboratoire Monique Remy facility, an organization with 35 years of expertise in fragrance, emotions and how they intertwine. Stephanie has developed unique scents that are exclusive to CASA Home, each deliberately crafted and powered by science to inspire your mood and invigorate your space. “I love this project because I am very natural-driven. For me, nothing smells better than nature and these are very natural fragrances.” she said. “The smell of your home is key to you, to be part of creating fragrances that give a sense of comfort and security to people is really nice.”

The three scents for CASA Home's launch include:
- Good Mornings Candle (ENERGIZE) - Hot, spicy cardamom meets the bright, citrus tones of neroli, to fire up the sense.
- Quiet Evenings Candle (CALM) - Sweet, relaxing French lavender meets the rich, warm embrace of Asian benzoin to create a scent that helps you unwind. It lulls you to a peaceful place.
- Bright Moments Candle (CREATIVE) - Open your mind with sweet jasmine and refreshing rose. A heady combination of scents to help expand your imagination and provoke thought.

Homelessness has astoundingly expanded across America; earlier this year, the Department of Housing and Urban Development reported more than 580,000 people experienced homelessness on a single night in the United States in 2020. What's more, 50% percent of those struggling and searching for homes are former foster youth. Recognizing this acute issue and disparity, CASA Home works closely with nonprofit partner A Sense of Home (ASOH), bringing awareness specifically to this unseen population of foster youth "aging out" of the system. A portion of every CASA Home purchase helps to transform one space into a place to call home every week. Thanks to the ASOH community, over 1,500 former foster youth and their children are in more than 650 fully-furnished homes. “I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a year. It’s going to help me work, help me be a better mother, be a better person,” said Anya, ASOH recipient.

“We are thrilled to be aligned with a socially conscious business that understands the emotion and psychology of “home,” being much more than a place to lay your head at night," said Georgie Smith, Founder & CEO of A Sense of Home. "Environmental psychologists recommend filling a home with scents to enhance and deepen our connection with this special space. We are excited to partner with CASA Home to work towards reducing homelessness, and placing their scents in every home we create together.”

CASA Home's expertly designed and crafted candles blend seamlessly into your living space, with simple colors, modern silhouettes and clean lines that will compliment any room. Later this year, they will launch a premium essential oils diffuser, evolving their product line to expand their mission of making homes not just a place to live, but a place to uniquely flourish.

CASA Home formally launches as a company on June 28, with availability to start purchasing candles on their website

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