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Smart baby food that provides key nutrients during each specific stage of brain development

Cerebelly Smart baby food that provides key nutrients during each specific stage of brain development


Date Established 12/2018
Founder Dr. Teresa Purzner, MD, Ph.D, Nick Langan, Jennifer Zeszut
Headquarters New York, New York and Santa Cruz, California
Press Contact Emese Gormley


Cerebelly Black Bean Sweet Potato
Cerebelly Black Bean Sweet Potato $2.89
Cerebelly Carrot Chickpea
Cerebelly Carrot Chickpea $2.89
Cerebelly Carrot Pumpkin
Cerebelly Carrot Pumpkin $2.89
Cerebelly Pea Basil
Cerebelly Pea Basil $2.89
Cerebelly Pea Spinach Pear
Cerebelly Pea Spinach Pear $2.89
Cerebelly Subscription Box
Cerebelly Subscription Box $2.31
Cerebelly Sweet Potato Mango
Cerebelly Sweet Potato Mango $2.89
Cerebelly White Bean Pumpkin Apple
Cerebelly White Bean Pumpkin Apple $2.89
Three-Flavor Variety Packs
Three-Flavor Variety Packs $8.49


Cerebelly, developed by Dr. Teresa Purzner, MD, Ph.D, a practicing neurosurgeon, developmental neurobiologist and mom of three, is the only personalized organic baby food brand that ties developmental milestones to specific nutrients needed during key periods of brain development. Each veggie-first pouch ensures that parents are providing meaningful nutrition that supports their child’s individual developmental journey.

Customers fill out a brief on-line survey to get to know their little ones and where they are at developmentally. At the end of the survey journey, they are provided a personalized recommended pack based on the child’s nutritional needs. All ten pouches contain 8x more brain-boosting nutrients than leading competitors, are shelf-stable, Clean Label Certified, non-GMO, and free from nuts, gluten, and dairy. Cerebelly is also a proud partner of Baby2Baby, which allows them to donate a portion of the food they make to children in need.

In 2020, Cerebelly was awarded the Clean Label Project Purity Award by Clean Label Project. After rigorous, independent testing of Cerebelly foods for over 400 different contaminants including heavy metals, chemicals, plastics, pesticides and other toxins, Clean Label Project determined that Cerebelly meets their highest standard. Cerebelly is the first shelf-stable baby food to receive this incredible honor.

Subscriptions at range from $2.31 to $2.89 per pouch depending on quantities purchased.

As of May 2020, Cerebelly is available in all Whole Foods stores across the United States. At Whole Foods, variety packs ($8.49 each) will be packaged according to age ranges that map to brain development: 5-7 months, 8-9 months, 10-11 months, and 11+ months. Individual pouches can be purchased for $2.89.

As of June, individual Cerebelly pouches will be available for purchase in 2,000 Kroger-owned stores nationally and individual pouches and variety packs will be available for purchase in all Target locations across the country.

Founding Story

Over the course of her education, neurosurgeon, developmental neurobiologist and mother, Dr. Teresa Purzner, MD, PhD, quickly learned that the nutrients children receive during early brain development have a lasting impact on the rest of their lives. Already a practicing neurosurgeon, she felt inspired to go back to school and learn more about how the human brain grows and earned a PhD in Developmental Neurobiology at Stanford.

Dr. Teresa Purzner knew the brain isn’t a single, simple organ; instead, it’s made up of dozens of complex regions that grow at different rates during the early stages of a baby’s life. Years of research indicates that these regions have very specific nutritional requirements for optimal development. For example, experts believe that the cuneus forms before a baby is approximately 6 months old. In comparison, the areas associated with language begin to properly develop around month 10.

Around the same time Dr. Purzner decided to return to school, she had her first of three kids. Having spent years learning the science behind healthy brain development, she knew just what to look for when shopping for baby food. Unfortunately, Dr. Purzner was shocked and disappointed by what she found. Too often, the baby foods on store shelves had zero percent of the daily value of the nutrients she believed were important for a baby’s growing brain.

This frustration inspired Dr. Purzner to change the way we view nutrition and childhood development. She was convinced that feeding babies the specific food they need at the right time in their early development played a significant role in the rest of their lives. To solve this problem, Dr Purzner and her brother Nick teamed up with a variety of world-class pediatricians, nutritionists, and food scientists. Together, they founded Cerebelly – delicious, farm-fresh, organic baby food that provides real nutrition for a growing brain and body.

Rather than creating a line of products that fits all babies, Teresa and Nick created 10 packs according to five different stages of development: Five to seven months, eight to nine months, 10 to 11 months and over 11 months. Customers simply fill out a short survey on their website and are recommended the best pouches depending on their baby’s age and milestones. Cerebelly’s adaptive system suggests different pouches as the baby grows, ensuring optimal nutrition at all times.

Cerebelly aims to turn mealtime into a movement – #MissionNutrition.


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Jennifer Zeszut

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Jennifer Zeszut is the CEO of Cerebelly, a science-first baby food and nutrition brand committed to nourishing kids’ minds and bodies. Prior to Cerebelly, Jennifer co-founded and led Beckon, the marketing analytics and optimization platform used by global consumer brands and acquired by Aclate in 2018. Jennifer also founded and led Scout Labs, a leading social media monitoring, analytics and engagement platform acquired by Lithium in 2010. Jennifer spent her early career launching global consumer brands (Avenue A | Razorfish), leading e-commerce teams (eBay), and learning the ropes of Consumer Packaged Goods (Procter & Gamble) and Food Retail (Cost Plus World Market). She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UC Berkeley and received her MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Jennifer has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, FastCompany and TechCrunch and was invited to speak at the White House and consult with the Office of President Obama on the Startup America Initiative.

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Dr. Teresa Purzner, MD, Ph.D

Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder
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Dr. Teresa Purzner is on a mission to change the way both parents and the baby food industry view nutrition. After having her first child, she was shocked by the lack of nutritious food available on shelves. As a result, she began to make her own baby food at home. While grinding up squash seeds and maitake mushrooms, she decided it was vital that she share her knowledge with parents everywhere. While she was already a practicing neurosurgeon, Teresa felt inspired to go back to school and learn more about how the human brain grows and earned a PhD in Developmental Neurobiology at Stanford.

Teresa initially received her BA in Genetics and Biotechnology, and a minor in Semiotics at the University of Toronto. She became an MD at Western University between 2005 and 2009 and a qualified neurosurgeon in 2020. While pursuing a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Developmental Neurobiology and Pediatric Oncology at Stanford University between 2012 and 2013, Teresa also obtained her Ph.D in Developmental Neurobiology in 2017.

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Nick Langan

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Nick Langan is a co-founder of Cerebelly along with his sister, Teresa. Nick received a BA from Harvard University in 2005. He became a tech trader at Balyasny Asset Management L.P. in New York for 4 years until 2011. Before working as an analyst at Andor Capital Management, he took on his current role at AO Asset Management LLC. At the moment, he currently works as both Principal at AO Asset Management LLC and remains actively involved in Cerebelly.


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