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NEW YORK, NY (September 17, 2019) -- Cerebelly, the brain-focused children’s food brand offering science-based, veggie-first baby foods that deliver precise nutrients to nourish specific regions of the brain, launched today both online and at Whole Foods Markets nationwide. Co-founded by neurosurgeon Dr. Teresa Purzner, Cerebelly is a smart food for brain and body. Cerebelly is committed to giving kids the best possible start in life by providing the nutritional foundation to help them reach their full potential. With nearly $6.7M in funding to date from multiple investors including Imaginary Ventures, Cerebelly has entered the market primed to challenge the $55 billion global baby food industry.

As a practicing neurosurgeon with a PhD in developmental neurobiology from Stanford, and a mother of three, Cerebelly co-founder Dr. Purzner understands the critical importance of the first three years for a child’s developing brain. During this time, the foundations of seeing, hearing, memory, cause and effect, attention, social awareness, and much more are all laid down. Using both a baby’s age and developmental milestones, Cerebelly delivers an assortment of baby food that provides the appropriate nutrients for specific stages of development. Cerebelly pouches have high nutritional density with, on average, 15 to 18 nutrients that support specific regions of the brain. Cerebelly food is organic, non-GMO, 100% plant-derived, dairy-free, gluten-free, and has no added sugars. All of Cerebelly’s baby and toddler blends are veggie-first (vegetables are the first ingredient), resulting in a lower sugar profile and more nutrition. Cerebelly uses nutrients from superfoods like chlorella, squash seeds, algal oil, kelp, and maitake mushrooms to support healthy brain development. 

“I’ve spent 17 years learning about the brain. With Cerebelly, I am using this lifelong passion to better the health of children by providing precise nutrition for early brain development,” said Dr. Teresa Purzner, co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Cerebelly. “I was inspired to start this brand after turning to my local grocer for healthy options for my kids, only to discover the startling lack of genuine nutrition in so many products on the shelves. So we set out to change that—to truly rethink the way we nourish our kids, and hopefully inspire the baby food industry as a whole to raise its standards, too.”

At, parents log their baby’s age and track developmental milestones. Every two weeks, Cerebelly ships a collection of delicious, shelf-stable flavors that provide the appropriate nutrition for that window of brain development.

Cerebelly offers 10 flavors: 

Pea BasilWhite Bean Pumpkin Apple with Sunflower Seed Butter and CinnamonSweet Potato MangoBroccoli PearCarrot PumpkinButternut Squash White BeanCarrot Chickpea with GingerSpinach Apple Sweet PotatoBlack Bean Sweet Potato with Avocado Oil & TomatoPea Spinach Pear with Quinoa

Cerebelly will also be on shelves in 426 Whole Foods stores across the United States. At Whole Foods, variety packs will be packaged according to age ranges that map to brain development: 5-7 months, 8-9 months, 10-11 months, and 11+ months. 

“Cerebelly has something truly unique that we believe will disrupt the baby food space in a real way,” said Natalie Massenet of Imaginary Ventures. “This is more than an innovation—Cerebelly is resetting the category by putting forth a product that has more nutritional value and less sugar to nourish specific regions of a developing brain. We just haven’t seen anything like it before, and we believe Dr. Purzner and this incredible team will have a meaningful impact on the way we feed our children." 

Cerebelly retails for $8.49 per variety pack (a box of three pouches) at Whole Foods. Subscriptions at will range from $2.31 to $2.89 per pouch depending on quantities purchased.  


Dr. Teresa Purzner is an MD neurosurgeon with a PhD in Developmental Neurobiology from Stanford. She began her medical studies at the University of Toronto, and is currently back in the operating room in Toronto for her final year of residency. While at Stanford, Dr. Purzner led the development of a new treatment for the most common type of infant brain cancer, which she helped bring to a human clinical trial in February 2019, and which is currently rolling out to children’s medical centers across the United States.  She has been recognized as a Bio-X and SIGF Fellow, as well as a SPARK Scholar. As the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Cerebelly, Dr. Purzner was the sole inventor on the patent (pending) that guides Cerebelly’s development. She leads ongoing research and product development at the company and is one of many scientific thought leaders driving innovation to better the baby food industry and revolutionize how we nourish our children.

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