Date Established 02/2021
Founder Jimi Tele
Headquarters Washington DC, United States of America
Website https://www.chekmateapp.com/
Press Contact Lauren Smith



Chekmate is the text-free app that's revolutionizing the way we date. Designed to bridge the gap between online and offline dating, Chekmate makes it easier than ever to plan dates by suggesting local options to its users and organizing them into categories: entertainment, dining, and activities. Users build dates and send invites to matches all without leaving the application. Currently, Chekmate is focused on helping people date digitally while social distancing. The platform offers a dynamic messaging experience - utilizing voice and video interaction while removing traditional texting communication. Users are empowered to engage in a deeper level of conversation and get to know each other. Whether you are looking for high quality virtual dates or ready to resume real life meet-ups, Chekmate has the features to help you do so with ease.

Founding Story

At Chekmate, meeting is just the beginning. The journey doesn't end when you swipe right, Chekmate is invested in what comes next. Founder Jimi Tele, came to the United States as an international triple jump athlete. After his Olympic dreams were dashed due to a traumatic brain injury, he reset his goals and began pursuing entrepreneurial achievement. From starting blocks to startups, he set out on a mission to alleviate loneliness and enhance life's experiences through dating. After putting together a diverse team who were equally passionate about Chekmate's vision, they embarked on a journey to facilitate genuine connections by bridging the gap between online and offline interactions. Chekmate strives to inspire people to collect experiences and create memories. The company values authenticity and has created a catfish-proof community, promoting real time communication so the users can feel safe, seen and heard.


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Jimi Tele

Founder and CEO
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Jimi Tele, a high-performing business development executive and rising international entrepreneur with 8+ years experience in business & tech. He has specialized expertise in location data intelligence, global business, cross-culture collaboration, B2B growth, and startups. As a global citizen with British-Nigerian heritage, he has advised top fortune 1000 companies on collaborating with African government conglomerates to explore projects across the science, engineering, tech, agriculture, and construction landscape. He is now the founder and CEO of Chekmate, Inc., a dating marketplace centered on promoting safe real-time communication and human connection. He was a decorated England triple jumper on a full university scholarship for track and field when his Olympic dreams were dashed due to traumatic brain injury. After overcoming adversity in his own life, Jimi is passionate about mental health advocacy and encouraging the next generation to fearlessly fulfill their dreams no matter the circumstances. From starting blocks to startups, catch him if you can!

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Walter Mitchell

VP of Product
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Walter Mitchell is VP of Product at Chekmate Inc. He has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a focus in Database Tech and Programming from the Volgenau School of Engineering at George Mason University.

Post education - Walter has worked with various technology companies on the east coast as a software engineer. His experience ranges from working on large enterprise government systems for the Department of Homeland security in D.C. to working on DevOps pipelines for large AdTech media companies such as Integral Ad Science in Manhattan, New York. Being a former athlete at George Mason, Walter likes to stay active and competitive by going on long hikes with his wife and competing in esport tournaments.

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K.S. Lewis

Relationship Expert and Certified Relationship Coach
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K.S. Lewis (affectionately known as the Love Connector), has been a champion for love and relationships for many years. She is not only the in-house Relationship Expert for Chekmate Inc. but also an established author, Certified Relationship Coach, and entertainment personality. K.S. Lewis is passionate about healthy relationships and uses her platform to create dynamic discussions surrounding the subject. In 2015, she began KSLewis Media, LLC, a Washington, D.C. based boutique that provides appealing messages surrounding authenticity in love and relationships through mixed media platforms. Through this umbrella, she openly shares the highs and lows of dating, love, and relationships through her books, her two podcasts, The Kicks & Giggles Show and The Love & Podcast, and her web-series, Love Dish™. Her works compel viewers and followers to think about how they are experiencing love in their own lives and discover ways to enjoy it successfully. In 2020, she released the Relationship DNA Program (Relationship Desires, Need Actions), a three-month focus helping others discover their true voice, become their own best advocate, and flourish in relationships.

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Lauren Smith

VP of Marketing
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Lauren Smith is the VP of Marketing at Chekmate Inc. She specializes in bringing brands to life and connecting them to their audience. Her expertise and passion is in lead and demand gen campaigns for software solutions. Lauren got her start at Carahsoft Technology Corp. after graduating from George Mason University. She has planned and executed events across the United States and managed marketing activities to support Google Cloud for Government and other SaaS solutions including Smartsheet and AODocs. Most recently she joined the team at Medallia as a Marketing Manager. In her personal time Lauren enjoys the art and culture of the Washington D.C. area, traveling, and fitness.



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