CLAIRE Fertility Launches App For Women Navigating Reproductive Challenges
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Los Angeles, CA (February 2021) - CLAIRE Fertility, the femtech startup that is out to change the way women conquer infertility, is launching its application for women navigating reproductive challenges on February 22. As the first women’s brand dedicated to the comprehensive health and wellness of its customer, CLAIRE is obsessed with creating stronger, healthier moms of the tens of millions of "pre-prenatal", women-identifying individuals striving for parenthood amidst reproductive obstacles.

Looking beyond the prism of solely reproductive health, the platform aims to be a home for improved sexual, mental, emotional, hormonal, social, financial, and relationship health considerations -- all areas often devastated by the effects of reproductive challenge.

Sporting a glossy safe haven-meets-playground vibe, CLAIRE is working to become the first stop when conception or family-planning proves to be problematic, and is focused on supporting the personal mission of motherhood through creative, strategic, mission-oriented solutions and a robust community. What customers can expect when joining the CLAIRE community and downloading the app is:

- A robust community including breakout groups and curated timelines according to lifestyle, reproductive challenges or experiences, and demographic designationReproductive strategy services

- Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility (REI)/physician matching and recommendations

- Membership-based, on-demand Reproductive Strategy Partner (RSP) available to answer any questions pertinent to active fertility treatment and holistic health & wellness

- Financial advisement and strategy re: affording fertility treatment and third party assisted reproduction (egg, sperm donors + gestational surrogates)Access to mental health services with licensed therapists specifically trained in fertility-related mental and emotional effects.

CLAIRE's initial market debut is focused on community, where its long term vision includes reproductive strategy and support services, as well as third-party assisted reproduction solutions, which is set to debut this summer.

"We realize that this woman - this person who just wants to be a mother, a parent -  never wanted to be a part of this club," says founder Ashleigh Brown, "but since she is, we want to speak to, treat, address the totality of her life so she can reach motherhood intact. This isn’t the journey she imagined, but she can still reach the destination with grace and dignity."

CLAIRE's app can be downloaded beginning February 22 in the iOS and Google app stores, and can also be accessed via the website at It's being offered free for the first month, in celebration of their launch, after which it will be offered at $9.99/month.

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