Handmade raw cacao power bites and adaptogenic herb powder mixes

COCORAU Handmade raw cacao power bites and adaptogenic herb powder mixes


Date Established 01/2015
Founder Konstanze Zeller
Headquarters New York
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CBD Sublime Elixir
CBD Sublime Elixir
Holy Body Powder
Holy Body Powder $40.00
Lakshmi – Matcha Tea Power Bite
Lakshmi – Matcha Tea Power Bite $6.25
Luxury Gift Box of 8 Piece
Luxury Gift Box of 8 Piece $39.00


COCORAU founder, Konstanze Zeller, introduced her Raw Couture Collection in 2015. The line of raw nutrient-based snacks and adaptogenic herb powders, brings sophisticated flavor and gift-worthy design to the raw nutrition category. These ready-to-eat energy snacks are made from 100% raw organic cacao. COCORAU is committed to use only the highest ingredients does not contain any sugar, soy or dairy. The Immortal Elixirs are powdered food-based adaptogenic herbs, designed to elevate the health quotient of any dish or drink.The exclusive CBD Bites are enriched with high quality cannabis oil and complemented by the rich flavors of raw cacao and raw honey. COCORAU never uses soy, sugar, dairy or any GMO products.PRODUCT INFO-The Immortal Elixir Line includes:Holy Body Powder: a great tasting powder, creates an overall well-being, immune boosting, liver toning, blood purifying potion, while reducing stress.Superlative Beauty Powder: created to bring beauty from within. It contains pearl powder, an ancient beauty secret. Additionally, Chaga mushrooms promote cell renewal and Tremella, to rebuild collagen more quickly. These are complemented with Shizandra and Goji berries.Sensual Supreme Powder: delicious combination of aphrodisiac adaptogenic herbs, Epemedium and Cistanche, and Cardamon and Vanilla, for a sensual experience.


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Konstanze Zeller

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Konstanze has spent her career behind the scenes of the fashion industry making top models look camera-ready, a profession that demands sustained energy but leaves little room for eating right. While traveling for assignments around the world, she became acquainted with the sustaining powers of raw and healthy nutrients.Konstanze shared this with her friends at photo shoots and soon developed a devoted following of photographers and models, who appreciate the purity of the ingredients, the luxurious flavors, and the sustained energy and nutrition. Thus, COCORAU was born.


start quotation marks “COCORAU has all the requisite “no’s”—no gluten, no dairy, no processed sugar, no GMOs. But after meeting Zeller and trying her chocolates, it’s nice to know there are still sweet things in life you can say “yes” to” end quotation marks
Editor of Cherry Bombe Magazine, Claudia Wu
start quotation marks “I thought I didn’t like chocolate – until I tried this one. Is it even chocolate? Or, to ask the question correctly: Is the other stuff even chocolate?” end quotation marks
Architect, Daniel Shuetz
start quotation marks “COCORAU is pure genius. Authentic flavors, bold energy and best of all… super tasty. Perfect for a bite after a great gym workout. One bite and you’re set” end quotation marks
Creative Director and Owner of RO_NY, Rony Zeidan