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San Diego, CA (May 16, 2021) – Copina Co.™, the new beauty company that makes ingestible gluten-free, non-GMO vegan collagen blends to help boost the body’s collagen production, is excited to announce the expansion of the brand’s revolutionary all-natural collection. With the mission to bring the healing power of plant botanicals and positive beauty standards to the masses, Copina Co.™ introduces new single serve Vegan Collagen Boost Matcha Latte Stick Packs on June 28th, joining the brand’s acclaimed premier vegan boost creamer and latte product line.

In opposition to traditional collagen supplements that are ingested in the form of collagen peptides sourced from cow hides, fish skins, and eggshells, Copina Co.™ uses herbalist-approved, research-backed plant botanicals such as organic tremella mushroom extract, organic amla berry powder, bamboo leaf extract, and hyaluronic acid to help increase natural collagen production on its own. The result is healthier, more vibrant hair, skin, and nails – no animal products required. The Vegan Collagen Boost Matcha Latte Stick Packs make it easy to get a plant-based beauty and energy boost on-the-go – they’re also the first vegan matcha collagen latte alternative in a stick pack form on the market.

“Through my arduous journey to heal my cystic acne and gut health, I began building a more positive relationship with my body through holistic medicine,” states Carolyn Yachanin, Copina Co.™ Founder and CEO. “At first, I was using a lot of animal-based collagen, but I didn’t like how it made me feel or what was in it. I began working with herbalists to discover nature’s most potent plant botanicals that could give the same collagen-boosting benefits in a fun, easy-to-use, drinkable form. It was then that my determination to bring the power of plant botanicals to the masses and Copina Co. were born!”

Copina Co.’s products are available at and Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Fast AF, and more online. The Matcha Stick Pack Plant-Based Collagen Boost Drink Blends ($26.50 per 10 pack) will launch in June on and at retailers across the United States.

For more information about Copina Co.™ and their products, please visit and/ or contact Carolyn Yachanin at

About Copina Co.

Copina Co.™ is here because society’s collective definition of "beauty" needs some major re-thinking. We believe in a definition of beauty that is about treating yourself well, feeling amazing, and being happy and confident in your own skin.

Carolyn Yachanin launched Copina Co.™ in February of 2020 after experiencing the healing power of plants during her journey to heal her gut health and cystic acne. After years of acne medications and a beauty industry telling her these "flaws" made her an outlier, Carolyn began to value clear skin above treating her body well. Copina Co. ™ affirms that true beauty comes from truly nourishing ourselves with restorative plants. With Copina Co.’s 100% vegan collagen boost drink blends, the brand aims to help you on your inner to outer beauty journey that is beautiful because its uniquely you.

Copina Co. blends are available at as well as retail partners including Urban Outfitters, Fast AF, Erewhon, Anthropologie online, and more online and bright and mortar retailers.

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