The 10 Best Bar Tools in 2021
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April 7, 2019 – Sure, great spirits and fresh citrus are essential when crafting an excellent cocktail. But don’t discredit bar tools as a crucial part of the cocktail equation. A good shaker, bar spoon, jigger and strainer will make stirring and shaking up a cocktail a breeze.

Who better to recommend the best additions to your bar arsenal than a group of bartenders who have put the following tools to the test over decades of experience behind the stick. From double-sided jiggers to heavy-duty juicers, our industry experts have widdled down their favorites to trick out your home bar and making crafting cocktails much easier. Here are their top picks for the best bar tools to seek out right now.

Best Bottles: Crew Supply Co.

“I just discovered Crew (Supply Co.),” explains Chelsea Napper, the bar director at Yūgen in Chicago. “The bottles have the ability to have the bottoms screwed off for easy cleaning, easy infusions, and I love the reusability mostly.” Crew Bottles’ reusable bottles are excellent for storing citrus juice and homemade syrups, either in a professional bar setting or at home.  

Dishwasher-friendly, the bottles screw apart for super-easy cleaning at the end of the night. A textured polymer base (that comes in a full range of colors) protects the glass from tough surfaces and increases durability and resilience, particularly in extreme temperatures like chilly fridges or hot dishwashers. “They’re perfect for home bars to create a few syrups or shrubs for all of your favorite cocktails,” says Napper.

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