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Date Established 09/2018
Founder Jordan Clark
Headquarters Seattle
Home, Fashion
Press Contact Jordan Clark


Dooeys are comfy & cozy slippers for modern home life. Produced ethically in small batches at a small factory in Portugal, their house slippers are hand-crafted using only plant-based & recycled (100% vegan) materials like vegan leather made from apple peels, suede made from recycled polyester, soles made with sugarcane, insoles made from cork, and lining made from recycled plastic bottles.

Designed for all-day comfort, Dooeys are lightweight, cozy, supportive, and easy to slip on and off. Whether she's working from home, hosting friends, getting things done around the house, or curling up on the couch, Dooeys are ready for everything she does at home. The company is female-founded, uses recycled packaging, and offsets carbon emissions for every order shipped.

Founding Story

Dreamed up by a Seattleite living abroad in Amsterdam.

Tired of having to choose between wearing unsupportive slippers and outdoor sneakers at home, founder Jordan Clark craved a stylish, supportive house shoe that still captured the coziness of a traditional slipper. Finding nothing with earth-friendly materials, actual foot support, and cool style, she created it and named it the slipshoe®.

Fun fact! Dooeys are named after our founder’s favorite Dutch word “doei” as a nod to her former home abroad — Amsterdam. Doei means goodbye and is almost always spoken with a uniquely chipper enthusiasm.

Give those old, floppy, unsupportive slippers an enthusiastic doei — and slide your feet into their new favorite slipshoes, Dooeys!


Jordan Clark


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With a background in startups & management consulting and a passion for good-looking comfy shoes, Jordan Clark set out to reimagine slippers for women in a stylish and sustainable way. Jordan started the company while living in Amsterdam and now resides with her husband and dog, Olie, in Seattle.


Looking for some great new house slippers?! Look no further — check out these awesome Dooeys."

Podiatrist, Dr. Nicole Freels