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Normalizing rehydration after drinking, one electrolyte beverage at a time. For overall health, productivity, and hangover prevention.

DrinkLyte Co. Normalizing rehydration after drinking, one electrolyte beverage at a time. For overall health, productivity, and hangover prevention.


Date Established 04/2019
Founder Victoria Brodsky
Headquarters Irvine, CA
Press Contact Victoria Brodsky



DrinkLyte is a new beverage brand making drinking alcohol healthier -- their rehydration formulas are normalizing proper rehydration after drinking. Victoria Brodsky, the founder of DrinkLyte Co​,​ was tired of settling for life-hack solutions like Pedialyte to rehydrate after Happy Hour​,​ so she used her nutrition background to develop a lightning-fast morning and night hydration formula. DrinkLyte is the only rehydration brand dedicated to nightlife, and their formula is the only one that follows the WHO's recommendation for an Oral Rehydration Solution "ORS" (the only clinically proven equivalent to an IV for rapid rehydration). Her goal? Create the "Gatorade" of Nightlife. 

DrinkLyte has been bootstrapped by Victoria, and the company is now a part of the Spring 2021 UCLA Anderson Accelerator Cohort (Victoria is an Anderson MBA Candidate). The company was aiming to launch their RTD beverages in a number of Los Angeles nightlife venues when the pandemic hit. So, they quickly created a powdered version of their beverages to sell online as a subscription. The company is planning to launch in retail this year, as well as re-launch the RTD cans in nightlife and events as soon as things open up. 

Founding Story

Growing up, Victoria suffered from disordered eating and had a horrible relationship with food. What made it worse was that the marketing around food made "eating right" confusing - what was healthy?  The whole food industry seemed to be tricking consumers into eating crappy food with clever marketing. She thought - if they can do that, can't she do the same thing with a very healthy product that promotes healthy habits?

The idea for DrinkLyte came to her when she noticed her friends using Pedialyte (a pediatric medicine) to rehydrate after a night out. Pedialyte is effective because it's not just electrolytes - it's a specific medical formula.  Since drinking two beers can be just as dehydrating as an hour-long workout she thought - why can't you order this at a bar?

So Victoria took the effective formula of Pedialyte (made with good-for-you ingredients) and branded it for nightlife. With cool branding and a formula that helps reduce hangovers, DrinkLyte is effectively "tricking" consumers into a healthy habit that promotes a balanced lifestyle. The company aims to change the way people think about drinking, and normalize healthy habits like this. 


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Victoria Brodsky

Founder & CEO
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Victoria is the Founder & CEO of DrinkLyte Co. She is also a "Fully-Employed" MBA candidate at UCLA Anderson School of Management and holds a Bachelor's degree in Nutritional Sciences from UC Berkeley. Prior to founding DrinkLyte, Victoria helped other startup-founders create, develop, and launch their businesses as a Project Management Consultant. 


start quotation marks DrinkLyte was delicious, easy to dissolve in water and even easier to drink. I tend to get headaches after drinking alcohol, even after only one drink,and I didn’t have one after drinking DrinkLyte! I’ll call that a win! end quotation marks
Amanda DiBiase Customer
start quotation marks I received and had “moonlyte” after a long night out. Not only did I feel great the next day, but when I had “Sunlyte” with my breakfast, I felt energized. Great product. end quotation marks
Robert Davis Subscriber
start quotation marks Seriously is so good 😍 I really put it to the test last weekend by drinking a ton and I wasn’t hungover whatsoever! Such a great product. end quotation marks
Julia Wickes Affiliate