New Holiday 2021 Focuses on Developing the Whole Child and Exceptional Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults
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Woman Owned • Mother Run • Sustainably Sourced, eeBoo is a 30 year old lifestyle brand that takes pride in useful, beautiful, and well-made educational games, puzzles and gifts for children and adults.

eeBoo’s children’s Holiday product launch responds to the needs of parents and children with 23 truly educational games and beautifully illustrated puzzles.

Prepare for new routines with Around The Clock Puzzle and Ready to Go Sequencing Puzzles. As parents and children transition back to in-person school, eeBoo’s puzzles offer a friendly way to help children socially and emotionally adapt to new habits. The Around the Clock 23” puzzle features real moving hands, following Bear and friends through 24 hours of the day and night, teaching time telling in a wonderfully engaging way from an analog clock.

Discuss the logical order of events of the day with 4 different styles of the Ready To Go Sequencing Puzzles. Familiarize children with the rituals of going to school, going to a museum, getting ready for bed, and having a friend over for a playdate. Sequencing puzzles build essential logical and deductive skills.

Look beyond the daily routines of home and pique inquisitiveness about the world with eeBoo's 48 Piece Giant “Within” Puzzles. Filled to the edges with detail and educational moments of discovery, eeBoo's three extra-large puzzles reveal what is happening under the surface of the ocean, who is burrowing under a country farm, and the layers of tubes and tunnels beneath a bustling city. Spark children's curiosity as they learn how much is happening beyond what they can see. Each puzzle includes a colorful 20" x 16" poster identifying the details in each puzzle.

After exploring the outside world, introduce children to the principles of design with Challenges with Form & Color. Learn how, with careful thought and an eye for detail, one can create colorful illusions and patterns. Fifty cards feature one hundred practice images to create with colorful velvet-papered triangles. Challenges introduce simple forms, patterns, color temperature, negative space, transparency, perspective, and more. This is an ingenious and accessible art class 101. Ages 8+

Explore the whole product collection: eeBoo’s Holiday 2021 Catalog

eeBoo Piece & Love grows their robust selection of high-quality, thoughtfully designed puzzles, adding 12 new styles with rich subject matter and a New 100 piece format perfect for adults looking for a shorter completion time, older children looking for greater difficulty, and intergenerational puzzling for both.

Puzzles improve cognition at any age and eeBoo answers the challenge of finding the perfect puzzle for everyone. Our NEW 100 Piece Round Jigsaw Puzzles with oversized pieces are carefully curated; the artwork has appeal across generations. How nice to put down phones and have grandparents and grandchildren puzzling together. This collection also offers a stimulating and comforting puzzling experience for those facing later-in-life challenges such as poor eyesight, motor control, or cognitive decline.

Explore the wide variety of 500 and 1000 piece puzzles in our new list. Artists from all over the world, both established and emerging, have created a dynamic and fascinating assortment for the curious, invested, creative puzzler looking for a higher piece count and greater challenge. Explore ecological themes with the new Rewilding and Gems and Fish puzzles. Rewilding is a celebration of the environmentally responsible trend to allow the natural, delicate ecosystem to flourish in our backyards. Gems and Fish is a delicate creation of carefully collaged natural-history prints featuring many now-extinct fish.

Venture beyond the natural world with puzzles that look back in time, such as Ancient Apothecary, or our magical and spiritual themes with Alchemist's Cabinet and Astrology. Travel to new destinations with Marrakesh, Berlin, or English Cottage. Cozy up with friends or family around the holidays while you puzzle a wintery scene with Music in Montreal or a whimsical party with Family Dinner Night. See behind the scenes with the vibrant Artist Studio.

Puzzling offers people of all ages the opportunity for quiet contemplation or screen-free activity to share with friends and family. Explore the full product collection: Piece & Love Holiday Catalog.

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A lifestyle brand that creates useful, beautiful, and well-made educational games, puzzles and gifts for children and adults