EmBeba Launches CLEAN Family Skincare Line Offering Generation-Tested Remedies Updated for the Modern Family’s Sensitive Skin
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BOSTON--Independent family skincare company EmBeba (www.embeba.com) has announced its official launch with the debut of its first product, Don’t Be Rash™ Diaper Balm, available for preorder now and shipping in January. EmBeba offers CLEAN, solution-based skincare that combines generation-tested remedies with modern technology to help soothe and calm skin sensitivity.

Like many moms, EmBeba co-founder and CEO Thai-Anh Hoang had tried everything to aid her daughter’s sensitive skin, prone to eczema and diaper rashes. But it wasn’t until a trip to visit family in Bosnia, when a relative gave her a skin balm she’d made with ingredients from her garden, that she was able to find a solution. The balm contained skin nourishing, anti-inflammatory and soothing herbs and flowers that helped protect the baby's sensitive skin from moisture while wearing a diaper. This magical mixture has been used by Bosnian locals for generations and worked wonders for Thai-Anh’s baby.    

“That’s where the first seed was planted – why don’t we share this recipe with others who have this issue?” says Hoang. “I quickly discovered that there are any number of generational skin remedies from a variety of different cultures, typically based on soothing natural ingredients. So we decided to create a generation-tested, family-approved line of remedies for skin sensitive families who want a product that is based on homemade balms, but is easy and convenient to apply.”

Don’t Be Rash™ Diaper Balm (MSRP $14.99), will be available for presale on November 1 at www.embeba.com. The product will ship in January 2021. Ingredients include arnica flower, rosemary, peppermint leaf, calendula, olive oil, eucalyptus leaf and other natural ingredients.

EmBeba uses only limited ingredients in its products, is always transparent to the consumer, and maintains the natural or naturally-derived integrity of the formulation. Products comply with EU standards and Whole Foods premium body care ingredient standards, along with FDA regulations. EmBeba products undergo microbial testing, dermatologist and pediatrician testing, allergy and sensitive skin (HRIPT) tests, heavy metal and pesticide residue testing. 

For more information, visit www.embeba.com. Product samples are available by emailing kristen@sevenhillscommunications.com.

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