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Founder Ethan Hirshberg
Headquarters Boulder, CO
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Daily Detox Shots
Daily Detox Shots $3.99
Fast Fuel Shots
Fast Fuel Shots $3.99
Immune Boost Shots
Immune Boost Shots $3.99
Organic Energy Shots
Organic Energy Shots $3.99


Launched in 2017,  Ethan’s is a functional shot company focused on creating easy, on-the-go health solutions for a wide range of people and lifestyles.
Ethan's products aim to provide one small, positive addition to your day, with every Ethan's product aligning with four principles: safe- Ethan's shots use glass packaging to avoid chemical leaching that typically occurs in plastic products, organic-all ingredients used are produced by USDA-certified organic farms and optimal-each shot contains the functional dose of the primary ingredient and delicious.

Founding Story

A long-time user and proponent of apple cider vinegar, his first products were our line of apple cider vinegar shots. Seeking to solve the problem that he – and many others – faced with daily apple cider vinegar use, he simply sought to make the potent elixir taste better. Doing all the R&D from his kitchen and design from his laptop, he created his brand and launched the first products in July 2017. It didn't take long before friends and family were raving about the convenience of our shots and requested more products that would support their personal health journeys. Ethan recruited his childhood friend Sebastian to help him make more products and the two have launched over 15 shots since, ranging from Immunity to Energy functions. Bound by our internal guidelines, every product we make follows a strict set of criteria. Owing to his parents’ original mission, everything is 100% organic and in non-toxic glass packaging. Ethan always says we'll never make anything he wouldn’t give to his mom, a 3-time breast-cancer survivor.


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Ethan Hirshberg

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Born on Stonyfield Farm and raised by passionate organic entrepreneurs, Ethan understood from a young age the connections between human health and organic food. He shares in his dad’s life mission to expand and promote organic agriculture, and make it cheaper and more accessible. He also shares his mom’s life mission – as a three-time cancer survivor – she’s dedicated her life to educating people about toxin exposure and the impact that diet can have on human health. Ethan’s is a manifestation and combination of these two goals: creating and promoting products that are not only organic, but organic + nutritious + safe + accessible. He wants this company to exemplify the next level of food and beverage, one that takes into consideration not just where the ingredients come from, but their nutritional value, the packaging, and the convenience. And above all, the taste has to be awesome.


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