Date Established 05/2020
Founder Cason Crane
Headquarters Brooklyn, New York, USA
Press Contact Cason Crane


Standard Box (12-pack): Variety Pack
Standard Box (12-pack): Variety Pack $50.00
Starter Pack
Starter Pack $20.00


Conceived and launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, Explorer Cold Brew makes delicious cold brewed 'super concentrate' that comes in four caffeine levels. It's the first specialty coffee company that lets customers choose their caffeine level, and still enjoy specialty-grade, organic, and fair trade Arabica coffee. Moreover, unlike traditional decaf coffee, Explorer uses the premier (and chemical-free) Swiss Water Process for its No Caf and Low Caf. With so many ways to drink coffee, Explorer's 'super concentrate' gives you versatility (you can use it to make any cafe-style coffee you like) and flexibility to drink it anytime of day (or night) with the caffeine level that's right for you. Plus, it's black and unsweetened so that you can make it the way you like it. Explorer is sold direct-to-consumer (either as a one-time purchase or subscription) in boxes of 12 2oz bottles, and each bottle makes 1-2 coffees. Or, you can get a Starter Pack, and try one of each caffeine level. 

Since its public launch a few weeks ago, Explorer has already sold out twice, and it was nominated for BevNet's 'Best of 2020' awards. Additionally, in fitting with Explorer's mission to fuel the world, a percentage of sales fund clean water access through a partnership with charity: water - with over $1,000 already donated. And the best is that there's a lot more to come! Explorer will soon be announcing a larger format super concentrate, as well as a line of premium 'flavor elixirs' that allow coffee lovers to further customize their experience. 

Founding Story

Explorer Cold Brew was founded by adventurer and Everest summiteer Cason Crane during the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarantined in his Brooklyn apartment, he was frustrated by constant insomnia from his cold brew coffee obsession, but couldn't find a great lower-caf alternative. Why should caffeine be 'one size fits all', especially in a drink as versatile as coffee? So he worked with three award-winning coffee Tastemakers to craft a specialty 'super concentrate' that would let customers choose their caffeine level. But it doesn’t stop there: not content to simply address the needs of coffee drinkers, Explorer also funds access to clean water for one person for a month with every box sold.


Founder Bio Image

Cason Crane

Founder & CEO
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An adventurer, explorer, and entrepreneur, Cason Crane has traveled to over 100 countries on all seven continents and he was first openly LGBT and fifth youngest person to climb Mt. Everest and the Seven Summits - the highest mountain on each continent. He achieved this feat while raising $135,000 for The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention and crisis intervention service for LGBTQ youth. While still an active endurance athlete, his most recent adventure has been founding and running Explorer Cold Brew since May 2020, which he brought from idea to sold out in less than 5 months. As the CEO of Explorer, he aims to fuel the world through both their specialty coffee 'super concentrate' as well as their partnership with charity: water, increasing life-saving access to clean water around the world. Prior to founding Explorer, Cason was a consultant at Bain & Company. He graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University in 2017.


start quotation marks "Explorer is truly great coffee! I love how Explorer Cold Brew has different caffeine levels that suit your daily needs. My personal favourite is the Reg Caf, but I also like having as the No Caf option. The No Caf is especially versatile for late afternoon and evening mixed drinks." end quotation marks
Mikael Jasin Internationally-renowned Barista Champion and Coffee Roaster
start quotation marks "All in all, I think Explorer is a real winner...the colors, intensity, and it's especially good with milk. The Extra Caf and Low Caf are particularly good, with nicely intense coffee flavours, with an almost cinnamon-y edge and a clarity to the coffee." end quotation marks
David Donde Coffee Masters Judge & Founder of Truth Coffee, twice named "The World's Best Coffee Shop"
start quotation marks "Explorer is a great crowd-pleaser, especially for people not used to cold brew or not from the specialty coffee world. It's familiar and intense, yet when mixed with milk or water it keeps its layers and complexities." end quotation marks
Dalia Jaffal Certified Arabica Q Grade & Ground-breaking Specialty Coffee Roaster