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Redefining health through traditional healing modalities

Flora ex Machina Redefining health through traditional healing modalities


Date Established 12/2016
Founder Alle Weil
Headquarters Los Angeles, USA
Food, Beauty
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Royal Ghee
Royal Ghee
Royal Ghee Gold
Royal Ghee Gold $30.00


Royal Ghee was inspired by the traditional Ayurvedic spread, Chyawanprash, which has been used as a daily Indian nutritional supplement for thousands of years. Alle has modernized and Westernized its use and overall vibe by blending the base of pastured ghee and raw wildflower honey with energizing and nutrient-dense greens, algae, adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms.The synergistic formula allows the fat-soluble nutrients in the greens and herbs to be better utilized by the body while supplying a detoxifying and energizing boost in a versatile spread. It can be consumed daily by the spoonful, spread onto toast, slathered as icing, or added to smoothies, tonics, teas and coffee.


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Alle Weil

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Alle Weil is a certified holistic health counselor, artist and creative consultant, founder of Flora ex Machina, and creator of her buttery Ayurvedic-inspired spread, Royal Ghee.Through a modernized and intuitive ‘back to the earth approach’, Alle educates and empowers readers and clients by reviving traditional healing and culinary practices in a delicious and beautiful way. Alle lives and practices in Los Angeles, CA and specializes in creating both sustainable and healing wellness programs for modern living.


start quotation marks “Flora ex Machina Royal Ghee is our latest superfood obsession. Carefully and thoughtfully crafted by holistic nutritionist Alle Weil, this mixture is handmade in small batches from over 20 organic, wildcrafted rare herbs and superfoods – yet it tastes like brownie batter. That’s in part because Alle went through multiple recipe iterations, getting the formulation down just right, and in part due to the impeccable quality of ingredients. Inspired by the traditional Ayurvedic spread, Chyawanprash, this Royal ghee is created from the finest organic ingredients including grass-fed, pastured, and traditionally made ghee, raw California wildflower honey, and a blend of medicinal, energizing, and alkalizing greens, adaptogenic herbs, grounding roots, and immunity-boosting mushrooms. You could put this decadent spread on just about anything and it would taste incredible. We, however, prefer it straight out of the jar by the spoonful (multiple times per day!). It’s that good.” end quotation marks
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start quotation marks “Ghee has been on our radar forever and it’s a total staple when it comes to elevating cooking, baking and sauteing. Because of its healing nature, it is widely known as a form of Ayurvedic tradition and is responsible for housing and transporting supplements, allowing for smooth movement along the body’s tissues and intestinal tract. Our personal favorite is Flora ex Machina’s Royal Ghee, created and perfected by holistic nutritionist, Alle Weil. What makes this ghee so unique is it’s carefully balanced pairing of honey and butter (ghee), as well as its powerful blend of algae, adaptogenic herbs and alkalizing greens.” end quotation marks
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