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Forti Goods

High-end furniture with a low profile. Safe and stylish locking storage for the home.


Date Established 08/2018
Founder Sharon Celek Kevil
Headquarters Milwaukee, WI
Home, Tech
Press Contact Sharon Kevil


Geraldine $4050.00
Grace $1850.00
Accessories $8.00
Eleanor $3250.00


Forti Goods is a woman-led business founded on the idea that furniture should be modern, accessible and tech friendly. Born out of our own need for safe storage, we created a line of upscale furniture with locking compartments, so you can sleep soundly knowing your valuables are secure at home. Whether you’re worried about items falling into the wrong hands or just looking for a little extra privacy, we’ve created a simple (and stylish) solution.

Forti Goods focuses on sustainability, because adding more pollution to our precious planet isn’t an option anymore. Which is why we’re an anti-fast furniture brand that creates quality hand-made pieces that are made to last, using responsibly harvested materials. Our minimalist silhouettes will never go out of style, so you’re investing in a product that will fit your aesthetic no matter how it evolves over the years.

Beyond their unique pieces being made in the US, Forti Goods sources FSC-certified woods, only the highest quality low-VOC water-based finishes, and all the pulls and knobs are sustainably made or milled. Their products are made to be repaired and easy to upgrade, so that patrons don't need to think twice about throwing away or replacing their Forti Goods furniture.

Founding Story

Like many companies, Forti Goods was born out of an unmet need. And like most parents of young children, hiding things is the first line of defense to keep things out of their reach. Whether it's something as benign as an iPad or serious, like medication, "out of sight, out of mind" usually works.

One day in 2017, Sharon and her toddler daughter were enjoying an afternoon of coloring at the kitchen table - while also getting in a few household chores. When it was time to switch loads of laundry, she left her daughter coloring at the table for no more than 5 minutes. Upon her return, she was horrified to see her daughter had pushed a stool over to the coffee bar, climbed a counter, and was inside of a cabinet eating fistfuls of her dad's candy stash.

Thankfully this candy stash only contained sugar, but Sharon realized that her daughter was definitely paying attention to the hiding spots. When searching for secure storage solutions, she was disappointed that there wasn't anything in the market that she could purchase. Stash boxes are too small and portable and most liquor cabinets didn't have locks. Any locking furniture was cheaply made and poorly designed. So shortly thereafter this realization, Sharon left her employer to bring the Forti Goods line to life.


Sharon Celek Kevil

Founder & CEO

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Sharon (Celek) Kevil is founder and CEO of Forti Goods, an app-enabled smart locking furniture company, based in Milwaukee, WI.

Sharon previously spent over a decade as an interior designer before turning her talents to develop indoor and outdoor furniture with a mass retailer. During her many overseas factory trips, she saw things which led her to begin looking into the environmental impact of “fast furniture.” From there, Sharon got to work building the kind of company she wanted to work for: socially & environmentally sustainable, meaningful and family-supporting.