Gemzeez The original DIY temporary tooth gem kit


Date Established 04/2020
Founder Allie & Lexi Kaplan
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA, USA
Beauty, Fashion
Press Contact Allie Kaplan



Gemzeez are a fun and easy way to achieve a temporary stylized look, that you can affordably and safely do yourself in the comfort of your own home. With the help of their dentist dad, Dr. Alan Kaplan DDS who has been practicing Dentistry since 1987, Allie and Lexi aimed to create an affordable, safe, and easy way to get this A-List look at a fraction of the cost. Gemzeez uses quality materials like genuine Swarovski Crystals that are non-toxic and lead free and their Cleansing Gel and UV Bonding Resin is dental grade, reusable, and resealable and guarantees multiple applications. They use the same materials a dentist would use in a professional office setting; but instead of paying $100, you can pay $25 and apply these gems yourself right at home!

Founding Story

Allie and Lexi grew up in a creative household - raised by their mother, an artistic spirit with an eye for spotting the newest trends, and their father, a formally trained dentist known for giving his patients the perfect smile. 

When they noticed these teeny-tiny temporary accessories, popping up on the teeth of today's biggest celebrities, TikTokers, models, and influencers, they became curious as to how she could get one herself. But the professional applications can be pricey, costing $100 or more for just one of these shimmering gems! Allie and Lexi realized there was no affordable product that allowed this simple procedure to be done at home. And with that…Gemzeez was born.


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Allie & Lexi Kaplan

Co-Founders/ Co-CEOs
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Allie and Lexi Kaplan are artists, entrepreneurs, and social media personalities. Prior to launching Gemzeez, Allie and her twin sister Lexi, created the collaborative art duo "The Kaplan Twins". Working as a duo, they attended NYU graduating in 2015, Allie with a BFA in Fine Art with a concentration in painting, Minor in Art History, and Lexi with a BFA in Fine Art with a concentration in painting. They have shown their artwork mainly in Los Angeles, and they are included in numerous celebrity and private collections worldwide. Their work has been featured in Vanity Fair, Flaunt Magazine, W Magazine, Vice, The Times UK, Teen Vogue, Dujour Mag, Instyle, Playboy, High Snobiety, Elle China among others.

Their past creative and social media experiences inspired them to create Gemzeez.  It was when they joined TikTok and started noticing tiny sparkles on the teeth of some of TikTok's biggest Gen Z influencers, that the idea for Gemzeez was formed. Unable to find an easy and affordable way to apply toothgems themselves, Allie and Lexi created Gemzeez. It was after they posted a video on TiktTok applying Gemzeez to their mom, which amassed over 15 million views, that they knew the potential of Gemzeez and the true demand for it within the marketplace.

Their passion has always been creativity and artistic expression. Allie and Lexi's longterm goal is to create a larger brand of DIY products where their audiences, customers, and fans can accessorize, glamorize, and express themselves creatively in a fun, easy, and affordable way.

Allie and Lexi can be found Instagram and on TikTok @the_kaplan_twins sharing their lives and newest endevours with their fans.