brand Glotrition

Ingestible, clinically-proven beauty formulations providing the most complete anti-aging results

Glotrition Ingestible, clinically-proven beauty formulations providing the most complete anti-aging results


Date Established 11/2014
Founder Lisa Pineiro
Headquarters Dallas, Texas, USA
Press Contact Lisa Pineiro


Restore Beauty Booster
Restore Beauty Booster $39.00
Sleep Beauty Booster
Sleep Beauty Booster $39.00
Super Beauty Elixir
Super Beauty Elixir $69.00
Super Beauty Serum
Super Beauty Serum $59.00


Glotrition is a leader in the rapidly emerging category of Beauty Wellness. We combine effective, active ingredients with clean, natural botanicals to deliver game-changing results for your skin from the inside out. We believe that feeding all the layers of the skin with synergistic nutrients is the only way to see real change in skin health. So we leverage our Dual Delivery™ method, treating the deeper layers of the skin with our delicious ingestible supplements while protecting the surface with our revolutionary Super Beauty Serum. We focus on science and results, using clinically validated ingredients at clinically effective levels. Since its inception, Glotrition has seen triple digit yearly growth. In January 2020, Glotrition received a growth equity investment from Pinecrest Capital Partners based in Dallas, Texas.  

Founding Story

Founder, Lisa Pineiro believes that when it comes to healthy, younger looking skin, treating the surface isn’t enough; real change happens from the inside out. This has been the driving force behind why she launched Glotrition and the science-based, inside/out products the brand offers. Prior to launching Glotrition, Lisa had a career as a television news anchor and medical correspondent where she learned the important link between beauty and nutrition, and how treating all layers of the skin can transform the way your skin looks. She also learned that most products in the skincare industry were not backed by clinical science and don’t contain a clinically effective amount of active ingredients. She wanted to create a portfolio of products that are focused on science and results, dedicated to only the best, clinical grade ingredients and using them in clinically effective amounts; thus Glotrition was born.


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Lisa Pineiro

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Lisa Pineiro is a former TV news anchor turned beauty wellness entrepreneur. Over the course of an exciting 27 year journalism career covering breaking news, interviewing celebrities and Presidential candidates, Lisa’s real passion became science and medical reporting with an emphasis on anti-aging breakthroughs. When she started to notice the signs of aging that were becoming impossible to hide from a high-definition camera lens, she turned to science for answers and the regimen that would later become Glotrition was born. Lisa was born and raised in Los Angeles, but now calls Dallas, Texas home.