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Clean-label energy and wellness shots made with guarana


Date Established 01/2020
Founder Vivi Mullen, Ben Koren
Headquarters Brooklyn, NY
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Launched in 2020, GO BIG is an all-natural, plant-powered energy drink made from just a few, real ingredients that delivers a smooth energy in a tasty shot. Fueled by guarana, a natural nootropic seed used for centuries by Amazonian warriors for sustained energy and focus, GO BIG energy shots provide clean energy without the jittery spike or the lethargic slump associated with coffee and traditional energy drinks. Made from just five recognizable ingredients (guarana, fruit, water, natural flavors, and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt), each GO BIG shot contains 200mg of caffeine, with only 25 calories, no artificial ingredients, no chemicals, no-GMOs, and no added sugars.What started as co founders’, Vivi’s and Ben’s, passion for the energizing effects of guarana, only became a business venture after they learned how seriously the energy drink industry was lost in the past. While other categories have moved towards better-for-you natural products, high-sugar and artificial junk makes up 99% of the industry’s volume. Just as importantly, the values espoused by the dominant companies are anachronistic – objectification of women, monster trucks, superficial outcomes. Vivi and Ben started the company with a belief that the vast majority of modern consumers prefer to identify with a brand based on values of empowerment and inclusiveness, promoting products that are good-for-you.

Founding Story

GO BIG was founded by two best friends, Vivi and Ben. While growing up in Brazil, Vivi regularly took guarana and rediscovered its power when she became a mother. She later shared its powers with Ben to help him perform better at his 6AM Crossfit class. Vivi and Ben originally made their shots out of a Brooklyn kitchen and while they tasted pretty bad, people loved the incredibly smooth energy they provided. After having a baby and struggling to recuperate, Vivi was inspired to create a healthier, more inclusive, and totally empowering energy drink that fought back against an industry dominated by unhealthy ingredients and the misogynistic portrayal of women.


Vivi Mullen


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Vivi formerly negotiated $1.4B in contracts for Brazil’s largest wind energy company and was General Manager for a textile company, leading sales and operations. She wanted to create a beautifully minimalist yet effective energy shot that allowed her to be the best mom she could be. She’s now the only female founder in this incredibly male-focused industry.

Ben Koren


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Ben founded Frameology, one of the leading DTC photo framing companies. Earlier in his career he lived in Brazil where he worked in renewable energy investing. He wanted to create a clean, superior energy source for his 6AM CrossFit workouts. The pair met each other at Columbia Business School.