GO BIG Enters the Energy Drink Market, Introduces New All-Natural Energy Drink
Brand Logo GO BIG dividng line Mar 04, 2020
Los Angeles, March 4th, 2020 GO BIG, America’s first all-natural energy shot, is entering and changing the energy drink market with all-natural, healthy ingredients that bring energizing effects, in a healthy way. Each shot contains 200mg of caffeine while also only containing 25 calories, no artificial ingredients or chemicals, and no added sugars. GO BIG uses Guarana, a seed native to the Brazilian Amazon, as the main energizing ingredient in these shots. The Guarana seed is known for its extensive benefits including increased energy, improved cognition function, enhanced performance, decreased brain fog, weight loss, and contains more antioxidants than Green Tea. GO BIG energy shots contain only four other natural ingredients (water, juice, pink Himalayan salt, and natural flavor) and no chemicals. “We are building a brand based on values of empowerment and authenticity, standing in stark contrast to the toxically masculine brands that dominate the energy drink industry”, said Vivi Mullen, CEO and Founder of GO BIG. After experimenting with over 53 different formulations, three flavors of GO BIG were produced: Blood Orange Ginger, Strawberry Fig, Acai Blueberry. The clean energy from these shots also have scientifically proven health benefits including improved focus, increased mood, enhanced athletic performance, improved memory, and decreased caffeine crashes. Shots can be purchased online at gobigenergy.com for $35.91 for nine shots. About GO BIG Launched in 2020, GO BIG is an all natural, plant-powered energy drink made from just a few, real ingredients that delivers a smooth taste as well as function. Fueled by guarana, a natural nootropic seed used for centuries by Amazonian warriors for sustained energy and focus, GO BIG energy shots provide clean energy without the jittery spike or the lethargic slump associated with traditional coffee and energy shots on the market now. Made from just five recognizable ingredients (guarana, fruit, water, and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt), each GO BIG shot contains 200mg of caffeine, with only 25 calories, no artificial ingredients or chemicals, and no added sugars. That’s 2-3 times the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee without the negative side effects. For more information on GO BIG visit: https://gobigenergy.com/ For all media inquiries, reach out to Daniel at daniel@prezzroom.com
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