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Los Angeles, California (March 2021) Guardian Lane, an innovative grief platform for children and teens, addressing an immediate need for children’s mental health services, is pleased to announce over 1,000 schools have partnered with the platform after officially launching in January 2021. On the platform, children are able to watch, create, and share fun creative grief projects, creating their own social healing network, with featured counselors who are available for 1:1 tele-counseling sessions.

With approximately 5.2 million children and teens grieving the death of a loved one and an additional 1.1 million children grieving a loss due to COVID-19, a tremendous need for mental health and grief resources for students is top priority for schools as they return to a “new normal”.

Recent studies show when childhood grief is suppressed and not addressed, it can lead to mental and physical health issues that extend into adulthood. These issues include depression, suicide, ironic illness, substance abuse, and increase for incarceration. Guardian Lane provides K-12 schools free access to virtual grief counseling using creative video projects, community, tele-counseling and a whole lot of fun. Students watch these creative projects submitted by vetted grief counselors from around the world, create the projects themselves, and then upload their responses to the Guardian Lane platform to support their emotional and social well-being. Through this new social healing network, kids and teens are able to see they are not alone in their experience and emotions. Schools can book packages of 1:1 virtual counseling starting at $1200 for 20 sessions, with the participating licensed and/or children's grief certified counselors for additional support.

CEO and Founder, Kristina Jones experienced significant grief as a child when her father died of cancer at the age of 7. She shares, "When my father died, I felt so alone in my experience. My school provided me with a Christmas tree instead of any support to process such a life altering event. With Guardian Lane, we will make sure no grieving students go without support they need for this life long grief journey".

As kids return to school, Guardian Lane has already seen school counselors creating accounts for their students on the platform and counselors have shared they see the site becoming their main grief resource as kids return to school.

"We have group sessions at our school with our grieving children and I am always looking for ways to help them. I love that I can send them home with projects and have the professional children's grief counselors to help our students when needed." - Melania Esparza, School Counselor at Sidney Sawyer Elementary School in Chicago, Illinois.

Grief educator and licensed social worker, Kevin Carter, comments on how he thinks Guardian Lane can address this issue. "I think this kind of activity would be useful to many families. Breaks a lot of barriers around access, grief out in the open in families, active coping, naming grief and etc."

With a significant increase in tele-health and telemedicine Guardian Lane is positioned to pioneer a new way children and students access counseling and is on a mission to make counseling fun and engaging so that students and children ask to join. Families and schools can provide access to the projects for grieving children ages 5-17 by visiting

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