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The advanced men's skincare solutions that are easy, simple, safe, but still effective


Date Established
Headquarters Torrance, CA, USA
Press Contact Ellie Kim


HOMMEFACE was created to give true skincare solutions that are easy, simple, safe, but still effective. These men's skincare products are meticulously designed to provide results, but what makes them extra special is that they take priority in providing the best skincare experience any man can have. Every aspect is considered when creating the HOMMEFACE line; including the ingredients, scent, shape, size, and design. Refreshing but not overwhelming, HOMMEFACE products are perfect as a daily routine. They are made with natural and effective ingredients that specifically target the purpose of each product to deliver immediate results.

HOMMEFACE products are certified cruelty-free and are made without parabens, aluminum, talc, and triethanolamine (TEA).

Founding Story

As a top-ranking executive in the business world for over 35 years, Patrick never had time to think about skincare. Fitness and eating healthy has always been part of his lifestyle, so when he realized he needed to take better care of his body inside and out, he began to invest 2 minutes each morning and night on a daily skincare routine. Not only did it enhance the quality of his interpersonal relationships, but it also gave him more clarity, strength, and confidence. 

Patrick’s journey has inspired him to guide others through a propers skincare experience with products designed for men that are effective and effortless. By understanding that what goes on the skin also goes inside the body, he has committed his best efforts to focus on sourcing ingredients that are safe and free from harmful chemicals. HOMMEFACE is a great place to start for those interested in a quality routine.