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Grass-fed, high-protein, low-carb and zero-sugar drinks and powders


Date Established
Founder Billy Bosch
Headquarters Santa Monica, CA
Beverage, Food
Press Contact Molly Antos


Founded by Billy Bosch, ICONIC is a grass-fed protein company offering a line of ready to drink beverages in a variety of flavors for both adults and kids. ICONIC's adult flavors include: Vanilla, Chocolate Truffle, Cafe Latte (contains caffeine) and Cacao+Greens (includes a serving of organic green veggies). New to market, ICONIC Kids recently launched a line of zero-sugar kids' drinks, each fortified with one serving of organic green veggies. Flavors include: Fruity Fiesta, Chocolate Carnival and Vanilla Vacay. These are designed to taste like the treats kids love, but with no sugar and plenty of added health benefits. To compliment the ready-to-drink beverages, ICONIC also has a line of protein powders available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Cafe Latte.

ICONIC is proud to be Truly Grass Fed verified, which ensures all cows are grass-fed at least 95 percent of their life; with ICONIC's protein supply averaging 98 percent. Both the farm ICONIC sources from and their products have the Animal Welfare Approved seal from A Greener World (AGW). Currently, ICONIC is the only protein drink to achieve this certification. All bio-available protein used in ICONIC, are sourced from happy cows in Ireland. After scouring the globe, ICONIC Founder, Billy, determined that even though it was at a greater expense, sourcing in this way was the most sustainable, delicious and nutritious source of dairy. All ICONIC products are available on the company's website, as well as Amazon, Sprouts, Whole Foods, Target and Walmart.

Founding Story

Billy Bosch was 27 and dealing with several health issues. Doctors wanted to give him pills, but he went to a nutritionist instead. While the nutritionist helped him overhaul his diet, when he asked what protein bars or drinks he could stock his pantry with to help eat healthy on the go, she knew of nothing that fit the bill. Together, they created the formulations for ICONIC.

To start, Bosch utilized all the accelerators and incubators available in his hometown of NOLA. Things started slowly, and during a particularly frustrating period of uncertainty, he found himself on a plane, sitting next to a woman who was so taken by his passion and insights, she offered him a job for $500k a year. Given the challenges he was facing, he was tempted. Luckily, he decided not to trade his passion for money. A move to California and 40 employees later, Bosch has introduced several new products, gotten his line into over 8,000 retail locations AND secured $8M from Karp Reilly who has backed brands like Kevita and Spindrift. 

He still doesn't always choose the route with an obvious financial gain. For example, he sources his grass fed protein from cows in Ireland because he couldn't find a farm that fit his needs in the States. 


Billy Bosch

CEO and Founder

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Originally from Baton Rouge, LA, Billy Bosch graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Business Management & Concentration in HR and has worked throughout various consumer product industries over the past 15 years. In addition to his corporate background, Billy has embraced his entrepreneurial spirit through the creation of several businesses. He has a passion for a healthy lifestyle and has made it the focus of this company.

ICONIC was developed due to a quarter-life health crisis Billy had, which he solved with changes to his diet and the help of a dietician rather than the pharmaceuticals prescribed by his physician. ICONIC’s mission is to fundamentally change the human diet for the better and leave the planet better than we found it. Billy is CEO and Founder of ICONIC, based in sunny Santa Monica, CA.

Aimée Plauché

Advising RD for ICONIC

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Aimée Plauché, RD, LDN is a consulting Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, fitness instructor, and mother of two. Her career began as a clinical dietitian in the intensive care setting as well as outpatient diabetes clinics at teaching hospitals in New Orleans. During these teaching opportunities Aimée discovered she is a true educator at heart. Her work shifted into the fitness world. With a newborn and a toddler in tow, she began instructing exercise classes in addition to working as the consulting dietitian at a large health club. She created and directed a multitude of conferences geared towards weight loss and fitness competitions. Aimée continues to share her knowledge as a lifestyle dietitian and enjoys guiding her clients and their families through nutrition to better health, better body composition, and feeling better with more energy. It is Aimee’s goal with each and every client to “teach you how to fish” so that their newfound knowledge gives them the power to adopt and maintain the new lifestyle they have been looking for. 


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Most of us don’t need the added sugar that’s found in traditional sports drinks; but while water and other plain old fluids are fine for regular daily hydration, electrolyte-rich beverages are an essential part of staying hydrated for those who lose large volumes of sweat. But there’s still not typically a need to power through countless sugary sports drinks. Natural electrolyte-packed, low-sugar beverages include coconut water (Zico is my favorite to replenish sweat losses since it has more sodium than most other brands), V8 or tomato juice, fruit smoothies with a dash of sea salt, and water bottle add-ins like nuun tablets. I also love ready-to-drink protein drinks like ICONIC, rich in electrolytes: 220 mg sodium, 380 mg potassium (as much a banana), 250 mg calcium (not found in most sports drinks).

Molly Kimball

My favorite things about ICONIC are flavor and versatility. I can use it in my smoothies, protein shakes and baked goods. I love that it comes in both powder and liquid form because I don’t always have time to make a shake.

Kupah James