Impart Launches New Concept For Custom Gifts To Celebrate And Strengthen Community Connections
Brand Logo Impart dividng line Sep 09, 2020

Impart, an online platform that turns life wisdoms into a customized gift, recently announced its official launch. The unique Impart tool allows users to easily invite family and friends to contribute advice and lessons appropriate for each recipient's milestone (graduations, new baby, first job, marriage, etc.) and present them as a gift in a beautiful book. Unlike photobooks that memorialize the past, Impart books are intended to prepare the recipient for success in the future.

Impart started as a gift from the founder and CEO to his son before entering middle school. After sending an email to his closest family and friends asking them to reflect on what they wished they had known going into middle school, he collected the various wisdoms and compiled them. The result was a book filled with curated wisdoms from the most important and respected people in his son's life. Based on the overwhelming response from his son and enthusiasm from the contributors, the concept behind Impart was born.

"Communities are craving connection while at the same time individuals are spending unnecessary time, energy and emotion navigating life's transitions on their own," said Graham Williams, founder and CEO of Impart. "Impart was conceived to make our loved ones' lives easier, and along the way we discovered the power of connection when a community gathers to share their own experiences."

How it works: 

  • Step 1: Invite – Invite family and friends to share their life lessons
  • Step 2: Gather – Collect lessons from the community
  • Step 3: Curate – Review and select wisdoms for your book
  • Step 4: Publish – Approve gift book for printing

Personalized Impart gifts are available for less than $50, offering an affordable yet timeless gift that is a unique alternative to traditional gift options. To learn more, visit, and follow @GiveImpart on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for news, announcements, and shared wisdoms.

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