The professional network transforming the way candidates with disabilities, mental health conditions, and chronic illness connect to inclusive employers.

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The professional network transforming the way candidates with disabilities, mental health conditions, and chronic illness connect to inclusive employers.
Charlotte Dales
Marios Politis
Richmond, VA & St. Louis, MO
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Inclusively is the professional network transforming the way candidates with disabilities, mental health conditions, and chronic illness connect with inclusive employers. Our innovative employment platform and job matching technology allows candidates to input their experience, skills, and needed Success Enablers (workplace accommodations) and find jobs with employers that are creating more educated, accommodating, and accessible workplaces. 

In addition to providing employers a more effective and efficient way to connect the right candidates to the right jobs, we also offer digital training services, accessibility scorecards, and a team of experts to make tangible progress to their DEI goals and onboard new hires successfully. 

1 in 4 of us have or will have, a disability during our working-age years and Inclusively is proud to work with candidates who benefit from workplace accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We value inclusive hiring across industries and employers through measurable actions and training and believe diversity and inclusion in the workplace drive better job placements, higher retention, and innovation by having an employee-base that is representative of the diverse customers that employers serve. 

founding story

Co-Founders, Charlotte Dales, and Marios Politis have both been touched by disability in their lives and made it their mission to ensure that people with disabilities have an equal chance in life, including employment opportunities. Charlotte’s cousin Cameron became the first licensed aesthetician in the state of Florida with Down Syndrome. Seeing Cameron’s career fulfillment gave Charlotte the passion to replicate her employment success story for all people with disabilities and to create Inclusively. For Marios, disability has affected him both in his family, with his brother Stelios Politis being born with Autism, and personally as he has recently been diagnosed with a chronic kidney condition. Both instances, and his extensive research as a Professor of Neurology, have further strengthened his absolute commitment to ensuring that disability discrimination is eradicated in every workplace, employers accommodate people based on their abilities, and people with disabilities are accommodated to employment purely on the merits of their talents. 


  • As a leader in diversity, 1 in 4 Inclusively employees, advisors, and board members identify with having a disability.  
  • Value creating economic equality for people with disabilities, as everyone deserves the financial independence and self-esteem that comes with building a meaningful career.  
  • Driving inclusion across industries and employers through measurable actions. Inclusion drives innovation by having an employee-base that is representative of the diverse customers that employers serve. 


Charlotte Dales
Co-founder & CEO

Inclusively Co-founder and CEO Charlotte Dales is an entrepreneur, leader, and visionary for impactful change. After working for five years at Deutsche Bank, Charlotte co-founded CAKE Technologies, a mobile payment app that was acquired by American Express in 2017.  

In 2020, she launched Inclusively, the professional network and employment platform for candidates with disabilities to connect with inclusive employers. She was inspired by her cousin, Cameron Northup, who became the first licensed aesthetician in Florida with Down syndrome. Inclusively has established partnerships with several Fortune 500 companies and placed candidates across the US. Charlotte graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder and lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, daughter, and son. 

Marios Politis
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Marios Politis is an MD and multi-awarded university professor responsible for a number of breakthroughs in the neurological field.

Marios is on a mission to improve the lives of people living with disabilities and co-founded Inclusively with the express purpose of developing critical step-change in the employment landscape.


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Working with the Inclusively team help me to get an interaction opportunity with people of different employers. Be flexible with employees with unique abilities (aka disabilities) using different accommodation tools. In my experience, a few months ago, I had an interview with one of the companies. I asked for a video call as I find phone conversation very difficult to listen to and communicate. The employer refused to be flexible. Secondly, for another company Amazon, I asked for a video call Google Meet since closed captioning is provided, but the company refused, saying that it violated their policy and insisted to use Amazon Chime, despite closed captioning is not provided. If you are an employer, interact with Inclusively, be a role model to them, empower them, and hire them. If you are one of the employees who is looking for a job, join them, learn and increase your networking.
Vishal Bulchandani
Employed Inclusively Candidate
Inclusively helped me through my job search by checking in every so often, just to see how I was getting on. Inclusively also checked in, with each step of their assisted job-searching process, to see how I felt about the opportunity presented to me, as well as acting as a communication channel for things that needed adjusting, due to me having a disability. They also took my resume, pulled it apart, and organized it in a more streamlined approach, which I'm certain, made it easier for HR departments to scan through. And Inclusively is very encouraging as well, making sure to point things out, during the search, that are really worth the candidate being proud of. This is a really valuable quality of Inclusively. I definitely benefited from Inclusively's services. Employees with disabilities have a rare, unique, and substantial potential to be incredibly hardworking and creative problem-solvers, because they overcome obstacles on a daily basis, that aren't usually presented to people without a disability. As such, their problem-solving skills are usually one of their biggest assets, and they have points of view that are extremely valuable to any company looking to expand their capabilities or intellectual and inclusive/diversity knowledge. So, rather than "going with the flow", like many other companies that continue to be stagnant in your industry, bring someone into your company that has a disability. Allow them to become a pillar of your company. Give them room to grow, develop, and add value, and the benefits will FAR outweigh any possible misconceptions about employees with disabilities. Inclusively is also (as the name implies) inclusive, and helps people with disabilities find an opportunity that is both inclusive and accessible, which is a BIG deal. Inclusively puts in some real, solid effort to help those with a disability find something that is truly for them and has the absolute best shot of helping them achieve professional growth.
Sara Jessick
Employed Inclusively Candidate
Inclusively has become an important component of our talent acquisition process. They have a fantastic selection of candidates and within the first few weeks, we made our first placement and have gone on to hire two more candidates! The Inclusively team supported us throughout the journey so we felt equipped to bring on employees with disabilities, and working with them could not have been easier. Annie Moore is a dream to partner with – her professionalism and response time are second to none. We look forward to continuing to work with Inclusively!
Laura Pallister
Talent Partner, Global Brands Group