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Date Established 01/2019
Founder Jesse Bride
Headquarters New York, New York
Press Contact Jesse Bride


JBride is a custom suit-maker based in NYC that uses top quality construction and fabrics from the best makers in the world. JBride collections release on the fashion calendar, with a buy-now offering and e-commerce counterpart. Fittings are offered by appointment worldwide, and showrooms are based in NY and LA to allow for easy press access. 

JBride offers handmade, full canvas suits, tuxes, sport coats, overcoats, leathers, dress shirts, ties and accessories. Their commitment is to offer the best fabric mills in the world as selections, deliver a better garment for less money than big-name brands, with fast turnarounds, fewer fittings and personal old-world customer service. JBride’s double data point fittings ensure exceptional fit so clients leave looking and feeling their best.

Founding Story

Jesse Bride, founder and creative director of JBride, has worked for years behind the scenes of some of the most influential and emerging brands in the tailored clothing space. In 2019, Bride felt it was time that the product of his artistic expression and experience be released under his own name, so JBride was founded, carrying his initials, his father’s, and his son’s.


Jesse Bride


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Having worked for years on Madison Avenue for brands like Ralph Lauren, Prada, and Bottega Venetta, Jesse took a chance and started working independently as a stylist in NYC. After multiple fashion shows and countless collections, curating for someone else's visions and inspirations had run its course, and Jesse knew it was time to begin expressing his art in a more authentic way. He is now excited to share his vision of what the modern man and woman should feel like through fashion, wearing JBride.