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The world's only fresh seasonal probiotic that changes with your body


Date Established 05/2019
Founder Stefan Weitz, Kiley Taslitz Anderson
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Molly Antos


FIT $42.00
MOOD $42.00
SKIN $42.00
Immunity $42.00


Jetson is the world's only probiotic company enabling Americans to lead a healthier life through honest, high-quality, affordable, and scientifically proven-to-be-effective probiotic products tailored to the human body’s specific needs each season of the year.  Jetson was developed to keep the gut healthy by giving it the diverse strains of probiotics it needs to do its (many) jobs. The seasonal probiotics match the body's changing needs to help manage allergies, flu season, and long summer days. Available in Jetson for Adults in a Four Season Subscription (Fit- in summer, Mood- in fall, Immunity- in the winter and Outside for spring) or in Individual Seasonal Formulations and in Jettie for Kids as a Daily Probiotics & Prebiotics (Jettie Baby, ages 0-2. Jettie Kids, ages 2-13); both can be purchased on Amazon or directly from the website. Anyone can take their first steps to be happier and healthier and everyone already knows that you are what you eat. With Jetson, you are what your gut bugs enable you to absorb.

Founding Story

Jetson was Co-Founded by Stefan Weitz and Kiley Taslitz Anderson in 2019 and was inspired by Stefan's personal medical experience. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more than 13 years ago, Stefan was subjected to a heavy regimen of prescribed pain pills and other drugs. Despite reassurances from the medical team treating him at the time, Stefan knew there had to be a better way. What followed was a lengthy, exhaustive search to uncover the latest and most effective ways to overcome the health challenges that faced him. After digesting research study after research study and working with noted medical and health practitioners across multiple disciplines, Stefan was able to ditch the daily fistfuls of big-pharma products. He also discovered a world of honest solutions and simple habits that can improve anyone’s health. Knowing the various health challenges Americans face, including diet, stress, and sleep habits, Stefan was inspired to share what he’s learned. And thus, Jetson was born.


Kiley Taslitz Anderson


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Kiley Taslitz-Anderson is the co-founder of Jetson, the world’s only seasonal probiotic program. Since Jetson launched in 2019, it was Kiley’s mission to bring Jetson’s seasonal probiotics to the whole family. In March 2020, she launched Jettie, the only seasonal probiotic for babies (ages 0-2) and kids (2-13).

When Kiley was pregnant with her second son, she was fired after telling her boss she was pregnant – which led to a maternity discrimination lawsuit that ultimately ruled in her favor. In the years since, she's started her own businesses, and works with and leads women every day. She strives to support them in a way that never was because she knows there’s nothing more important and empowering than motherhood. She makes it her mission to support women as they continue to fight discrimination, harassment, and unequal pay. Above all, she encourages the women in her life (especially the mothers) to be true to themselves, and believe in their value—because becoming a mother does not diminish your worth, it adds to it. 

Stefan Weitz


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After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Stefan Weitz was immediately subjected to a heavy regimen of drugs that made him feel like crap—which then meant pain pills. Knowing there had to be a better way to live, he conducted an exhaustive search to uncover the most effective ways to overcome the health challenges that faced him. So Jetson was born. 

In his current work, Stefan relies on the 18 years of skills he developed at Microsoft, leading and building technologies used by a billion people across the planet every day. After his nearly two decades of work at Microsoft, he served as the executive vice president, advanced technology, and chief product officer of Radial, Inc., where he led and then sold the largest independent eCommerce company in North America. 

Stefan serves on the GenCon Board for Conservation International and is active in Endeavor Global, a non-profit dedicated to incubating high-impact startups in developing markets. He also serves as a board member for many companies, including Black Rifle Coffee Company, Statewide Traffic Safety and Signs, Mighty Networks, and Summit Public Schools. He splits time between  Seattle and Chicago with his partner, Sarah Elizabeth Ippel, and his 15-year-old daughter, Elena.




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Love it Here's the thing: I wish I could tell you that I noticed a difference immediately and it solved all my health issues. It didn't. Products where I notice no change always concern me. BUT. and this is a huge 'but'. I normally take this at work. I get to work, clock in, turn on my computer, and while I'm waiting for that to start, I take my vitamins. I forgot to fill my weekly pill container one week and just kept forgetting every day. By that Friday, I noticed a difference. Big difference. This product is subtle and I like that. I hadn't realized that it was slowly healing my gut every day until I stopped taking it. Will definitely keep it up. (I also really love the bottles.)

Nikkie G

A probiotic just for me! I was feeling lost in the world of understanding what probiotics actually do and just knew I was supposed to take them. After lamenting to a friend my symptoms of late: brain fog, exhaustion, depressed, digestive issues etc. she pointed me to Jetson. I knew immediately the Mood probiotics sounded right for me but I was still skeptical. After three months of taking these I am happy to report I have found a new rhythm! Sleeping better, waking up easier with pep in my step, and a regular flow that causes me a lot less anxiety. I can't recommend this enough. I also love the informative emails Jetson sends to keep me up to date and in the know of all things gut related. Jetson showed me that probiotics don't have to be so complicated and I feel empowered by the knowledge of what's in my gut now.

Kimberly B.

Works like a charm I have been using this for a few months and I have been wonderfully surprised by how much it has helped me. My energy is up, my skin is clearer, and I feel so much better!

Lori P

Excellent Product I have really experienced a difference in overall wellbeing. I'm more energetic, where as before taking Jetson I was always tired and sluggish. My bowel movements are more regular. Great product!

Hope M

Love it Noticed a difference pretty quickly and love the ease of monthly subscription. I love that they change with the seasons. The subscription service is great and allows you to pause or delay shipments very easily.

Katie B