Gut Recovery, Jetson’s Newest Probiotic Formulation Helps Get Gut Flora Back On Track During and After Antibiotics
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CHICAGO, Aug. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jetson, creators of the world’s only seasonal probiotic, today announced the launch of Gut Recovery, its latest probiotic formulation, which is specifically developed to support microbial balance in the gut during and after a course of antibiotics. Gut Recovery is a potent combination of yeast, spore and live culture probiotics that, unlike most other probiotics, survive the harsh conditions created by antibiotics in both kids and adults. By definition, antibiotics work by killing or preventing bacteria from reproducing and spreading, meaning “good” gut bacteria – needed to digest and absorb nutrients, boost our immune system, and support our moods – are killed along with whatever is causing the infection. Worse, a course of antibiotics can allow harmful bacteria (like E.coli and Salmonella) to take root, causing significant disruptions in the microbiome, while leading to other common issues like yeast infections. Unfortunately, much of the damage done by antibiotics could be avoided completely; according to the CDC, 30% of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary. Studies also suggest that antibiotics aren’t the only drugs that negatively impact your microbiome. More than 25% of non-antibiotic drugs, like antivirals, chemotherapy drugs and blood pressure medicine, can disrupt the growth of good bacteria in your gut. Gut Recovery works well for both adults and kids. Because the product is shelf stable, families can stock up on this product to have on hand whenever antibiotics are prescribed throughout the season. “Many medical treatments have unintended consequences in the body. Antibiotics are one of those. Antibiotics don’t just attack the infection; they can deplete the good bacteria in your body. The gut is the most obvious place for this and the effects of a single antibiotic course can last for months and multiple courses can last even longer,” said Dr. Anthony Padula, triple-board-certified physician in adult medicine, pediatrics and rheumatology, and member of Jetson’s Gut Council. “Looking for ways to help the body recover is an important step and Jetson’s Gut Recovery is the only product on the market that uses 3 types of bacteria - each of which was especially chosen for both their clinical effects and their ability to co-exist with antibiotics - so you can support your gut while you’re healing from your infection.” “Antibiotics are being dispensed like candy these days, and they are brutal on your system in the short and long term,” said Stefan Weitz, founder of Jetson who credits probiotics as a critical part of thriving while living with Multiple Sclerosis. “I know women who’ve spent a year suffering from yeast infections after one round of antibiotics, so this is designed to mitigate those side effects.” Gut Recovery serves as a protective measure to shield and rebuild the good bacteria in the gut, without impacting the effectiveness of antibiotics. It’s the first of its kind— a flavorless powder, with no added sugars or synthetic fillers. Gut Recovery will cost $49 for adults and $39 for kids with a $10 discount offered during launch. Each package contains 28 stickpacks, enough for a 14-day course for adults and a 28-day course for children – designed to get you and your family through any sort of antibiotic regimen. Jetson’s probiotics are scientifically-backed and fresher than other probiotic brands, which tend to feature single-strain bacteria and use generic/commodity strains. Jetson also boasts the following unique differences: More specialized strains: a year’s worth of Jetson’s seasonal probiotics provides 20 strains, which is above and beyond the one or two strains offered by market leaders. Better gut absorption: Jetson’s strains are fresher and a proprietary, vegan capsule is specifically designed to survive stomach acid during digestion. Seasonal formulations address the body’s unique needs throughout the year. No-fuss monthly subscription option ensures you never forget to take care of your gut. Transparency: Jetson discloses the specific strains used in each of its formulas. Visit to learn more about the probiotic strains included in Gut Recovery. Jetson probiotics are vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO, preservative-free, and allergen-free. They’re also free from soy, binders, and synthetic fillers. Jetson also offers a novel prebiotic, Gut Prep, a year-round add on to any Jetson probiotic. To purchase Gut Recovery, visit Jetson products are also available on Amazon and to ship to Canada. Follow Jetson on Instagram @WeAreJetson, on Facebook @JetsonHealth and Youtube @WeAreJetson. JETSON Jetson is the world's only seasonal probiotic. Founded by Stefan Weitz and Kiley Taslitz Anderson in June 2019, Jetson is dedicated to helping Americans get healthy through the gut. Delivered fresh each month, Jetson's seasonal probiotics provide specific formulations tailored to address the body’s unique needs year-round for as little as $30 a month. Non-GMO, vegan, preservative-free, allergen-free, and gluten-free, Jetson’s individual seasonal probiotic products include Fit, Mood, Immunity, and Outside, as well as a prebiotic, Gut Prep. They have also recently launched a product line aimed at babies and kids, Jettie. The company was founded after Weitz was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease — Multiple Sclerosis — and learned his overall health and quality of life was inextricably tied to the health of his gut. To keep it fresh and to purchase Jetson, please visit
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