New Brand Jill Turnbull Beauty Launches Plant-Based, Sustainable “Blue Beauty” Line to Restore and Nourish the Hair and Skin to its Healthiest Condition
Brand Logo Jill Turnbull Beauty dividng line May 17, 2021

The beauty industry puts a tremendous strain on our oceans, with at least 350 million gallons of shampoo and its unregulated ingredients flowing down US drains annually, damaging waterways and killing marine life. Most of the plastic in the 552 million shampoo bottles that wind up in landfills yearly are not recyclable, and much will wind up in the ocean. This Earth Day, Jill Turnbull Beauty is launching a new brand of sustainable, “blue beauty” haircare, skincare and makeup. Consciously sourced from packaging to formulation, Jill Turnbull Beauty delivers the highest quality products while minimizing their impact on the earth.

“Being raised in eco-conscious Australia, my mission has always been simple: to create clean, quality self-care that nourishes your hair, skin, and body naturally. Intertwining beauty and simplicity, these products are effective while also minimizing the effect on the planet,” says Jill. “After more than 45 years in the beauty industry, I began to realize that many of the products labeled as sustainable were not–and that the industry has a tremendously negative impact on our oceans and our earth. The line I’ve developed is not only better for earth, but for the people who use it as well.”

The small batched clean beauty essentials in Jill Turnbull Beauty contain pure, sustainable ingredients and absolutely no harmful additives. The products are inspired by Jill’s varied experience in hair and beauty, including working on editorial photo shoots and with professional dancers and athletes, who require beauty products that can hold up to demanding conditions. They’re also designed to leave a smaller footprint not only on the earth, but on your shelves too. Each product does a variety of jobs and they can be combined for new uses – a minimalist product line that leaves you with great looking hair and skin.

Jill Turnbull Beauty believes in full ingredient transparency, 100% product biodegradability, and environmentally conscious products that are made without harmful or unnecessary ingredients and are always cruelty-free and endorsed by The Humane Society of the United States. Packaging is designed to reduce waste, including “sqround” bottles that creates less waste and ships more efficiently, and no outer cardboard boxes or airless pumps. All packaging is made with BPA-free, recyclable and reusable materials.

The company prioritizes protecting the planet through product formulation and commits to using the cleanest, reef-safe ingredients. Each purchase funds a direct contribution to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Further, products are designed for more sustainable habits.

“When I grew up in Australia, with months–sometimes years–of no rain, I remember the government issuing every household an egg timer to restrict the amount of water used,” continues Jill. “Among many limitations, you were allowed only three minutes to shower. That’s why I created a haircare line that reduces water waste by rinsing out in seconds.”

Jill Turnbull Beauty’s full line of haircare, skincare and makeup products are available as of Earth Day 2021 for wholesale and to purchase at or on Amazon. Collection highlights include:

Jill Turnbull Haircare: A streamlined set of five products that are multi-purpose and provide the full spectrum of haircare. Inspired by Australia’s water crisis, the Jill Turnbull Beauty haircare collection is made from ingredients that are non-toxic and 100% derived from plants or non-toxic synthetic sources, allowing the product to absorb quickly into one’s hair, making for a faster rinse time to minimize water waste. Jill Turnbull No Sweat Foundation: Inspired by Jill’s experience doing hair and makeup for professional ballet dancers, the No Sweat Foundation delivers a sheer, creamy, flawless second skin, long-wear formula for maximum coverage that’s smudge and transfer-resistant, even in the harshest conditions. Made with high-performance pigments, the full-coverage foundation covers skin conditions including birthmarks, scars, hyperpigmentation, and vitiligo, along with body art such as tattoos. The No Sweat Foundation is easily customizable with Magic Drops to change opacity and coverage to fit your specific skin needs. Sealed with No Colour Powder, it allows for a full makeup routine with fewer products.

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