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Better-for-you, allergy-friendly food company


Date Established 12/2019
Founder Emily Leefe Foster, Amy Leefe Jones and Leighton Kohlmann
Headquarters Denver, Colorado, USA
Press Contact Amy


KUBEBA is a Denver-based food company dedicated to providing consumers with delicious, nutritious, and allergy-friendly foods that are entirely free from all top eight food allergens (milk, wheat, soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish) in addition to sesame, grains, and oats. KUBEBA’s first product to market is a line of nutrient-dense vegan snack bars that cater to many major dietary restrictions. Each bar (48g) is high in fiber, only 200 calories, and contains up to 13g of plant-based protein. After years of struggling with their own allergies, best friends and co-founders Leighton Kohlmann, Amy Jones, and Emily Foster are now on a mission to help everyone with allergies and other dietary restrictions enjoy more varied and nutritious diets. 

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Founding Story

In the US alone, approximately 32 million people suffer from some form of food allergy. Every three minutes, a food allergy sends somebody to the hospital. That’s 200,000 food-related trips to the emergency room each year and major financial strain on many families. Despite these troubling statistics, KUBEBA co-founder Leighton Kohlmann always struggled with a severe sense of unease around food due to the bizarre lack of options for all those with dietary restrictions. Her allergies to peanuts and tree nuts limit the ways in which she can fuel her active lifestyle and every new food is a risk. Unsurprisingly, Leighton became tired (in every sense of the word) of testing endless protein bar “alternatives”. She felt like Goldilocks; too much sugar, not enough protein, zero nutrients, full of additives, or simply unpleasant to eat. Fortunately, Leighton’s oldest friends, Amy and Emily, both love getting crafty in the kitchen and have extensive experience in the food and beverage industry. Leighton reached out to the identical twins for their expertise and what started as a small nut-free protein bar company soon morphed into KUBEBA, an entire food company dedicated to providing real alternatives for a very hungry and desperate market.  KUBEBA deeply believes that nobody should live in fear of any food or settle for unhealthy and poor-quality alternatives.


Emily Leefe Foster, Amy Leefe Jones and Leighton Kohlmann


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"I am so sick of chocolate-covered-everything. I'm thrilled to have a delicious bar not covered in chocolate."

Registered Dietician