Date Established 02/2021
Headquarters Boston, MA
Website https://getlawnbright.com/
Press Contact Kristen Elworthy


All Natural Lawn Care Subscription
All Natural Lawn Care Subscription $66.00
Pet Spot Repair
Pet Spot Repair $28.00
Weed Wipeout Organic Pre-Emergent
Weed Wipeout Organic Pre-Emergent $35.00
Yard Patrol
Yard Patrol $35.00


If you've ever grabbed the fertilizer with the best label off the store shelves and hoped for the best, Lawnbright is for you. If you want your kids to be able to run barefoot and your dog to be able to roll around without worrying about what you put on the yard, Lawnbright is for you. If you’ve ever watched a teenager sent by a national lawn service spray your lawn for 5 minutes, miss half, and thought to yourself, “I can do that,” Lawnbright is for you.

By using your soil, weather and climate data we know the exact products you need each month of your growing season. We deliver a custom mix of products right to your door every six weeks. Lawnbright products are made in the USA from natural ingredients like cornmeal, blackstrap molasses and North Atlantic sea kelp. And they’re easy to use: just hook them up to your hose and spray—your lawn care routine will take you about 20 minutes every few weeks.

Great lawns aren’t hard to achieve, but it’s all about great habits and applying the right products at the right time. That’s why we’ve created a proprietary Lawn Intelligence system. We monitor your real time weather data and send you texts to make sure you’re doing just the right thing for your lawn, at the right time.

By combining best-in-class, all-natural lawn care, a time-saving routine and technology that makes it all work together, we’re delivering the smartest lawn care around.

Founding Story

When the pandemic hit, we, like many families, began utilizing our outdoor space more than ever to provide entertainment, living area and some breathing room for our family. Suddenly, shutting our lawn down for the day to allow a lawn care company to spray it with chemicals was unacceptable–and it made us realize, what were we putting on our lawn, anwyays?

It was then that we started looking at natural lawn care solutions, sourcing the best stuff available on the market, and combining that with years of testing out what worked on our lawns and research into turf science. The winning combination? Best-in-class lawn care products combined with great habits to create a lawn that is healthy from the soil up to the tips of the grass, doesn't use harsh chemicals, and is easier to care for over time. Our goal was better habits for a better lawn, to create a solution that creates a beautiful lawn while being better for our families, pets and the earth.

The key to Lawnbright is taking out the guesswork–not just in the product mix, but in when to mow, water and apply it. The combination of these two things help reduce time, money and product waste while giving you the best possible results.


start quotation marks Lawnbright is a fantastic lawn care solution. Product is delivered to your door based on personalized soil testing, the application process is easy, and the product is safe for your kids, pets, family, and friends. Plus, Lawnbright is the only subscription lawn care service that includes pre-emergent weed control. Lawnbright is worth the investment. end quotation marks
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