Lawnbright Launches AI-Driven, Natural Lawn Care Subscription Service
Brand Logo Lawnbright dividng line Feb 16, 2021

BOSTON–Dusty, chemical-laden fertilizers. Expensive, ineffective lawn care services. Lots of guesswork and sub-optimal results. Until now, there have been few effective options to care for your lawn in a natural, eco-friendly way that really works. Lawnbright, a new, all-natural, personalized lawn care subscription, is out to change the game.

The company provides a best-in-class, all-liquid DIY lawn care regimen that focuses on eco-friendly practices and enriching the soil, not just the grass, for better long term results. Applied simply by hooking product to hose, Lawnbright has gotten lawn care down to a science: no special equipment and minimal time for maximum results. 

But Lawnbright is going a step further than simply the best, easiest natural lawn care products: their proprietary Lawn Intelligence system leverages artificial intelligence to guide customers on when to apply product, how much to water and other lawn care tasks to maximize the results from each application, simplify the lawn care process and reduce overall waste. Customers receive text alerts telling them just want to do and when, so they never need to think about it. These basic lawn tasks, done in the right way at the right time, serve to make lawn care easier and more effective. 

“I’ve spent years deep diving into the best lawn care practices,” said Lawnbright Founder Craig Elworthy. “Over the course of testing dozens of different products, I quickly learned that there’s a lot of waste and confusion in the industry. I combined my tech background with turf science to develop a solution that helps people DIY their lawns and makes great lawn habits as easy as following texted instructions.”

Elworthy began sourcing Lawnbright’s natural lawn care products because of a personal need. When the pandemic hit, his family, like many, took to using their backyard as an extension of their home.

“It suddenly became unacceptable to spray my yard with harsh chemicals, or put down a fertilizer that would keep the kids off the grass for the day,” continued Elworthy. “In the end, what I wanted to do was provide a better place for my kids (and their turtle) to play. But I recognized if my family needed this, many others did too.I combined the products I found with Lawn Intelligence AI to make it easy to get really good results in the time it takes to walk your yard.”

Lawnbright focuses on developing lawn care that is better for your lawn, your family and the earth. Products are made from natural ingredients like cornmeal, North Atlantic sea kelp and molasses. Their Ingredient Promise ensures that no harsh chemicals will be present in any of Lawnbright’s products. Meanwhile, the combination of soil conditioners and fertilizers are designed to strengthen roots and soil health over time, eventually requiring less water and care overall.

The service offers plans at a variety of lawn sizes and price points, as well as standalone products such as Weed Wipeout, an organic, corn gluten based crabgrass pre-emergent, and Yard Patrol, a cedar oil based pesticide that prevents mosquitos and ticks. For more information, visit

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