Lifetime Leather
brand Lifetime Leather

American leather goods made to last a lifetime

Lifetime Leather American leather goods made to last a lifetime


Date Established 12/2010
Headquarters Arizona, USA
Press Contact Nataly Blumberg


Face Mask Lanyard
Face Mask Lanyard $8.99


Lifetime Leather Co. is a family-owned business started in 2011 that handcrafts authentic American leather products, guaranteed for life. The idea of Lifetime Leather started after the owner, Ty Bowman, was in a tragic accident which left him disabled for 3 years. In an increasingly disposable world, he wanted to create quality products that lasted a lifetime. From those humble beginnings,Lifetime Leather grew to include a full line of high quality and fashionable lifestyle accessories that can be easily personalized, timeless in style, and lasts a lifetime. Everything made by Lifetime Leather is carefully handcrafted in our Arizona workshop, employsAmerican workers, and will last your lifetime.

Founding Story

After a tragic zip-lining accident, founder Ty Bowman was left unable to walk for 3 years. To pass time and stay positive, he read motivational and instructional books, leather crafting included. As time passed by, Ty was trying to figure out how to make his difference in the world and coincidentally enough, get quality and memorable Christmas gifts for his family. Unfortunately, he was broke and options seemed limited at the time. On the drive home later that day, he spotted a discarded leather couch on the side of the road and in that moment, he had an epiphany! He salvaged the leather from the couch and made wallets, toiletry bags, purses, and passport cases – everyone loved their gifts and something finally clicked.