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Unique letterpress stationery, greeting cards and heartfelt gifts for every occasion.

Lionheart Prints Unique letterpress stationery, greeting cards and heartfelt gifts for every occasion.


Date Established 01/2013
Founder Liz Maute Cooke
Headquarters New Orleans
Press Contact Liz Cooke


Merci Beaucoup Stationary Set
Merci Beaucoup Stationary Set $18.00
Old AF Birthday Greeting Card
Old AF Birthday Greeting Card $6.00
Quaranteam Greeting Card
Quaranteam Greeting Card $6.00


Lionheart Prints is a lot of things: a line of greeting cards, a lifestyle brand for the brave and relentlessly optimistic, a life coach on paper and an enabler of good vibes even when life gets tough, and a brick & mortar shop that's truly an experience in the heart of Magazine Street in New Orleans.

2020 brought challenges, that we creatively pivoted into opportunities. When our shop closed on March 15th (which happens to be Liz's birthday-- womp womp), like everyone else, we had no idea what the rest of the year would look like. We launched a line of Quarantine Cards, stocked up on puzzles, and offered free local delivery to encourage people to stay stationary and sent stationery. All of this led to having our best year in company history, and accelerating the growth of the business.

We have big dreams of accelerating our vision of becoming a well-loved national (international?!) brand, known for design-forward products and heart-centered philosophy. Locally, our goal is to further our contribution to the New Orleans community by creating a one-of-a-kind store that becomes a must-visit for anyone in New Orleans. Nationally, we want to further our wholesale growth by getting our products on the shelves of beloved stores across the country. We want to be your best friend on paper. 

Founding Story

Entering the job market in 2008 wasn't ideal, but in typical Liz fashion, she eventually created her own path to pursuing a profitable business with passion and purpose. Desperate for a job, Liz juggled several part-time jobs and full-time depression. One day she realized that she could change her life when she changed the messages she was giving herself. Knowing that she wasn't alone in this struggle, she recognized the power of positive messages to uplift and encourage others in their journeys. What started as very humble beginnings (selling a half-dozen cards on a borrowed TV tray in the French Quarter), is now a 2,600 square foot retail space teeming with energy and excitement.

Our small but mighty team (aka The Pride) operates out of our flagship shop and studio, in the heart of New Orleans' famous shopping district, Magazine Street. Our store is a bright, airy brick & mortar stocked full of our original letterpress prints as well as a range of exclusive collaborations with local artists and curated goods that complement our line. We print our hand-drawn designs on a brood of vintage letterpresses—they're the apple of Liz's eye, and they're in operation daily, for visitors to see.

At the end of the day, our energy is our most powerful resource and we love sharing it with you.


Founder Bio Image

Liz Maute Cooke

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It was in her little bedroom studio in 2013 that all the magic originally began. Back then, Liz was set on spreading positivity and kindness through the messages we give ourselves and each other. She chose greeting cards as her vessel because they were thrifty and she was working with what she had. For her first collection, Liz designed cards based on the color of the envelopes she'd managed to buy in bulk. They were dirt cheap, but she stuffed them with her own hand-drawn designs and signature cheer, and they became a big hit! At least, big for a tiny, fledgling card line. And definitely big enough for Liz to keep going.