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Better quality, proudly flavored, real Latin foods


Date Established
Founder Kenny Luna, Scott Hattis
Headquarters New York, NY
Press Contact Karina


Authentic flavors should be made by authentic makers and that's why Loisa is set on #feedingtradition with better quality, proudly flavored, real Latin foods. This all came from a need that they felt in their own homes and believed many others also shared. It’s time to upgrade the Latin kitchen, and they're just getting started. 

Loisa makes better quality Latin foods, sazones, made from only real ingredients - for the savory flavor you can feel good about. The brand is proudly vegan and uses zero artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Founding Story

Latin flavors had been held hostage by artificial ingredients, MSG, and unnecessary fillers for far too long. The Founders of Loisa craved change, and figured they weren’t the only ones wanting better. So, from their kitchens in NYC, they started Loisa, and created organic versions of the most famous Latin seasoning pair - Sazon y Adobo - proudly flavored for all to share.

Loisa is a Latinx-owned business. Both of their co-founders come from families of mixed cultural backgrounds. Kenny Luna is Dominican / Peruvian-American and his wife is French. Scott Hattis is - yes - a White guy married into a Dominican family through his wife Anna. He won her love through his devotion to tying the perfect pastel. All are owners in this business. Chef, food activist, and educator Yadira Garcia, of Happy Healthy Latina, is Dominican-American and also an owner.


Kenny Luna

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Scott Hattis

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"I’ve been looking for alternatives to Goya that don’t have artificial colors etc. Loisa seasonings are much better IMO the taste is great and I love that it’s all-natural."

Amy W