Maazah Small-batch, gourmet goes-with-anything condiment created by three Afghan sisters


Date Established
Headquarters Minneapolis, MN
Food, Tech
Press Contact Karina Martinez


Maazah "Hot" Chutney
Maazah "Hot" Chutney $8.99
Maazah "Mild" Chutney
Maazah "Mild" Chutney $8.99
Maazah Vegan Aioli
Maazah Vegan Aioli $8.96


Maazah is a bright, bold, and balanced Afghan-style chutney. This mother-daughter team turns 6 simple ingredients into a bright, flavorful blend you can dip, spread, or drizzle. It's gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, whole30. Already a dynamic, delicious pairing, fresh cilantro and ginger perfectly complement garlic, zesty lemon, apple cider vinegar, and jalapeno pepper for a flavor burst that transforms Maazah into something one-of-kind.

Inspired by their Mom’s secret cilantro and ginger chutney recipe, this magic green sauce adds a fresh kick of flavor to fish tacos, eggs, pizza, the list goes on. Healthy. Fast. Easy. Welcome to your new food obsession.

Maazah means 'flavor' in Farsi. This word is used to describe great tasting food or can be used to describe a beautiful summer night. It is how they express something that satisfies the soul or something that hits the spot.

Founding Story

To the Sajady family, food is a universal language. This Mom and three-daughter team comes from a large Afghani family who not only spent a lot of time together around the dinner table, but in the kitchen. With Mom at the helm, they learned the delicate art of cooking from fresh ingredients and balancing flavors. 

To honor their Afghani roots, the Sajady family named their company Maazah, meaning ‘flavor’ in Farsi. Inspired by Mom’s secret cilantro and ginger chutney recipe, this mouthwatering blend of fresh herbs and spices is the perfect addition to any meal.