MantraDog All-natural cork & rubber personalize-able yoga mats


Date Established 05/2017
Founder Amy Pistner
Headquarters Sarasota, FL
Fitness, Home
Press Contact Amy Pistner


Cork MantraBlock Yoga Block
Cork MantraBlock Yoga Block $24.00
Lotus Flower MantraMat Yoga Mat
Lotus Flower MantraMat Yoga Mat $114.00
Personalized Cork MantraMat Yoga Mat
Personalized Cork MantraMat Yoga Mat $104.00


Mantra Dog is a yoga product brand that provides yoga enthusiasts the opportunity to improve focus and deepen their practice by customizing a yoga mat with their own personal mantra. The mantra on the mat assists in encouraging a state of mindfulness, which can translate to positive effects off of the mat, too.

The current product line includes customizable cork yoga mats made of sustainably sourced, all-natural cork and rubber, Mantratology yoga mat cleansing sprays in three different scents, cork and foam yoga blocks, mat carrying slings, stretching straps, yoga bags, and lava bead and rosewood meditation bracelets. In addition to an e-commerce retail platform, Mantra Dog also has a very loyal family of wholesale customers across the U.S., and a business-to-business yoga mat and block customization program.

Founding Story

Mantra Dog was founded with the idea that putting your mantra on your yoga mat would help keep you centered and mindful in your yoga practice, and would encourage a state of mindfulness and intention. The owners at Mantra Dog believe in keeping things simple, staying true to themselves, living a centered and present life, and enjoying the people and things around them. Every day they work to know better, and to do better than they did the day before. To them, the Mantra Dog brand represents all of that. Mantra Dog is here to support their yoga family in finding their best self, whoever that may be.


Founder Bio Image

Amy Pistner

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Amy is the beating pulse behind the Mantra Dog brand. She lives in beautiful Sarasota, FL with her husband Patrick who officially owns Mantra Dog. Together, they bring the brand to life through a love of entrepreneurship and e-commerce, along with the belief that product integrity and superior customer service are the two most important, yet often overlooked, qualities of a business. Amy holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and is a licensed pharmacist. 


start quotation marks "I love seeing my mantra on my mat every day." end quotation marks
Brett Larkin World-Renowned Yoga Instructor