brand Medlie

Whole30 approved, high-fiber, low-sugar fresh vegetable snacking brand

Medlie Whole30 approved, high-fiber, low-sugar fresh vegetable snacking brand


Date Established 01/2016
Founder Jen Berliner
Headquarters Sonoma, California USA
Beverage, Food
Press Contact Michelle


Founded in 2016 under the original name of ZÜPA NOMA, Medlie is a Whole30 Approved, fresh vegetable snacking brand that makes it easy for consumers to fit high-quality, organic produce into their busy, on-the-go lives, sans preservatives, fillers or anything artificial. Housed under Sonoma Brands, a specialist growth equity firm exclusively dedicated to disruptive, high-growth consumer brands, Medlie offers 12oz Veggie Drinks and 2oz Veggie Shots, each offering one gram of fiber and one serving of vegetables per serving.In Spring 2019, the Northern California-based company will launch a line of Whole30-a Approved paleo and keto-friendly Veggie Mashes, which are grab-and-go containers of delicious vegetable blends, all with a low-carb mashed cauliflower base.

Founding Story

Jen joined from PepsiCo, where she spent several years working in brand management after getting her MBA at the Yale School of Management. With a strong passion for health and wellness, Jen yearned to continue her career at a more wholesome brand that aligned with her own personal nutritional values. Medlie’s mission and integrity was just what she was looking for – something that she would really want to drink daily herself, and could feel great sharing with everyone around her too! Under Jen’s leadership, the brand’s offerings have expanded to include wellness shots and drinkable veggies soups with collagen protein, including several limited-edition SKUs co-branded with Whole30. Jen has transformed the business’s sales and channel strategies, brought key line extensions to market and completed extensive consumer research that has laid the groundwork for the next phase of the business.


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Jen Berliner

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CEO Jen Berliner joined as the first full-time employee of Medlie, a portfolio brand originally named ZÜPA NOMA launched under CPG incubator and venture fund Sonoma Brands led by KRAVE founder and former CEO Jon Sebastian, in late 2016 and since then has significantly grown the brand. Medlie’s drinkable soups veggies have developed a passionate following, particularly via a direct-to-consumer model that has allowed them to focus on certain dietary tribes and communities including Whole30, Paleo, Gluten-Free and Vegan, which often lack truly clean, compliant, convenient options.



start quotation marks “Day 8 of my Whole30 I discovered this soup from Melissa Hartwig and it literally saved me. My work hours are crazy and I barely have any time to cook, but I want to have a healthy lifestyle and eat more vegetables. Now, I drink a ZÜPA NOMA everyday and it has helped me transition from the program into food freedom while remaining full of energy and nutrients.” end quotation marks
start quotation marks “These products are so clean and so fresh tasting. I love that everything is organic.” end quotation marks
start quotation marks “I love ZÜPA, and while all the flavors are yummy this is my favorite! It tastes rich … great way to trick yourself into getting some veggies. I usually throw it in my bag and drink it cold while on the run but sometimes I also like to take the time to heat it up on the stove top too.” end quotation marks
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