Moment of Calm LLC
brand Moment of Calm LLC

A botanical adaptogenic-infused water brand for zen and stress relief

Moment of Calm LLC A botanical adaptogenic-infused water brand for zen and stress relief


Date Established
Founder Aisha Chottani, Faheem Kajee
Headquarters New York, New York, USA
Press Contact Ally McDonough


Tulsi Lemon Botanical Water
Tulsi Lemon Botanical Water $2.99


Drinking a Moment should feel like meditation – just a lot easier and a lot more fun.

Moment is a revolutionary beverage brand that launched in Summer 2020. Moment backs its mediative mission with a "zen guarantee" - if a customer doesn't feel zen after drinking one, they will give you a month of regular, old meditation sessions on the house - perfect for the stress-fueled year everyone has had so far.

Moment’s proprietary blend of botanicals and adaptogens promotes alpha brainwaves – the same ones that arise during meditation – for a feeling of calmness and clarity. It’s all backed by science, and is totally natural, non-GMO, and has no caffeine or added sugar. This is not a CBD drink, but a brand new category.

Moment is reimagining the 5,000-year-old field of meditation for the twenty-first century, where unplugging can feel like more work than remaining plugged in, and everyone is too busy to roll out a yoga mat or sit down for ten minutes of a meditation app. Moment is the easy way to get into the same headspace. There are no light pastels or zen motifs – it’s colorful and optimistic – and is focused on the carefree feeling you get after you’ve come back refreshed from a break and are ready to take on the world.

Moment recently won the beverage industry’s premier award, the BevNET New Beverage Showdown 2020 and was accepted into the prestigious Amazon Launchpad program (which has a 3% acceptance rate). It is available on Amazon Prime ($18 for 6-pack) and will be launching in select retailers soon. 1% of proceeds go towards helping kids in school learn about mindfulness.

Founding Story

Moment was founded by Aisha Chottani, a female entrepreneur from Pakistan, who brought together her passion for mindfulness and her experience with stress-relieving adaptogens from all around the world. Aisha worked as a consultant at McKinsey, often working long hours in stressful environments and she was surrounded by sugary and caffeinated products. As she experienced the well-being with her own adaptogens and mindfulness rituals, she wanted to share this feeling with the world so that everyone could have a calm mind and be the best versions of themselves. She spent two years researching stress-relieving botanicals and adaptogens from different parts of the world. People loved the new formulation, and each flavor is now inspired by traditional drinks from all around the world: Tulsi Lemon from Pakistan (where Aisha is from); Rooibos Blood Orange from South Africa (where Faheem, husband, and co-founder is is from); and Hibiscus Dragon Fruit from South East Asia.


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Faheem Kajee

Marketing and Brand
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Faheem is a serial entrepreneur from South Africa. He started his first business, selling shirts on the side of the road, at age 10. His last startup was funded by Google and was selected as the best startup in South Africa. 

Faheem enjoys meditation, food, and personal development.

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Aisha Chottani

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Aisha grew up between South Asia and the Middle East. She has over 13 years of supply chain and logistics expertise on four continents. She moved to the US to complete her MBA at Harvard Business School, and was also a consultant at McKinsey & Company. 

She loves travel and has been to 45 different countries. Most recently, she purchased a $500 car in the UK and drove it to The Gambia in North Africa for charity.  

Aisha has also spent her life coaching and supporting others and is now passionate about helping people bring out their best selves through mindfulness.