Date Established 10/2016
Founder Moira Gilbert, Laura Menz
Headquarters Topanga, CA
Press Contact Moira Gilbert & Laura Menz


Allspice Ginger Lime
Allspice Ginger Lime $14.99
Hibiscus Mint Lemon
Hibiscus Mint Lemon $14.99
Lime Jalapeno
Lime Jalapeno $14.99
Three Bottle Gift set
Three Bottle Gift set $45.00


Launching in late 2016, Muddle & Wilde is a botanical infused drink syrup that can be used in making cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, sodas and teas. The mixer simplifies the process of making an elevated craft beverage at home by combining the sweet, acidic and bitter qualities all in one product. One tablespoon of M&W paired properly tastes like something you’d normally expect from an accomplished mixologist.

Best friends Laura Menz and Moira Gilbert dreamed of a drink mixer that was a tastier & healthier alternative to what was currently on offer on the shelf - a more natural, herb-forward product that could cater to both cocktail and non-alcohol drinkers. After all, a host ought to be able to entertain drinkers & non-drinkers alike, which is where Muddle & Wilde serves a valuable role. Add a tablespoon to sparkling water and kids love it too!

Traditional drink mixers are often packed with high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and colorings - and designed to hide the taste of alcohol. Muddle & Wilde aims to do the exact opposite. Using only real ingredients, it is the taste that sets us apart from the competition.

Organic, fresh citrus fruits and real herbs and spices are expertly combined to create the distinctive taste of each syrup. All of the 13 flavors are highly concentrated and contain 1⁄3 the amount of sugar of a traditional mixer, only 6 grams of cane sugar (25 calories) per serving. These herbal infusions even provides a portion of your daily dose of vitamin C.

Each of the 8oz bottles makes 16 drinks, and comes with a recipe card complete with pairing recommendations. Flavors include Lavender Lemon, Rosemary Grapefruit, Hibiscus Clove Orange and Sumac Chili Lime, to name a few. All flavors are inspired by nature and designed to compliment every season.

Become your own bartender and elevate the art of mixology in your home. Muddle & Wilde is available at select Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Crate&Barrel, specialty retailers and at 

Founding Story

Laura and Moira met through their two daughters in Malibu. After both moving to Topanga, Laura threw a cocktail party and was looking for something different & fun to serve.

Tired of wine and totally uninterested in the traditional drink mixers on the shelf, Laura thought “How hard could this be?!” She gathered fresh citrus and herbs from the garden and got creative in the kitchen, cooking up what would become the duo’s first few flavors - Sage- Lemon, Rosemary-Grapefruit, and Lavender- Lemon. Paired with vodka to bring out the newly minted citrus & herb elixirs, the drinks were an immediate hit. Moira recognized the value instantly and with her 30 years of history in fashion sales and marketing, not 24 hours passed before Muddle & Wilde was born.

The two entrepreneurs got straight to it, brainstorming about packaging and branding while experimenting with flavor ideas on the stovetop in Moira’s kitchen. The passion & momentum only built from there, and three years later their product has achieved the status of a premium brand, carried at retailers such as Whole Foods, Crate & Barrel and Bristol Farms. While they’ve had to scale beyond what Moira’s kitchen could handle, Muddle & Wilde’s mixers are still made by hand and cooked in small batches using organic citrus & herbs.


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Moira Gilbert

CEO and Co-founder
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Moira Gilbert grew up in England and received a BA in Business from Manchester University. After launching a 150-store company, ‘Coast” in her 20’s, she moved from London to Los Angeles in 1997 to establish her own fashion consulting business, Olive & Ziggy specializing in enabling contemporary American designers to expand their presence internationally. She divided her time between Los Angeles, New York City, and Europe for the next 20 years before settling in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters. After a successful career in fashion she was ready for a new challenge and Muddle & Wilde presented the perfect opportunity to take an idea from scratch and turn it into a reality.

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Laura Menz

Co-founder and creative director
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Laura Menz grew up in Germany and studied graphic design in Düsseldorf. She worked as a fashion model, collaborating with several top photographers, and was fortunate enough to travel the world as she went. She became interested in photography herself, and in 2003 was hired to handle the post production work on an art project based in Malibu. She fell in love with the beach town and decided to raise her daughter there. The California coast was completely liberating as it unleashed a powerful creative itch - finally she found the canvas for all the things she wanted to make ... soon Laura was fabricating jewelry, creating sculptures from alabaster and photographing large scale portraits for gallery exhibitions, making her own cosmetics and cooking with all the new fresh ingredients California has on offer. Her desire to create things for herself instead of accepting what was already out there showed up early on, and has essentially become the story of how Muddle & Wilde was born.


start quotation marks Muddle & Wilde is a perennial go-to for delicious, fresh, easy cocktails with or without alcohol for me, my staff and our customers - we are all obsessed! end quotation marks
Miriam Yoo Owner, Flask & Field DTLA
start quotation marks Muddle & Wilde makes delicious, natural cocktail and mocktail mixers and has been a welcomed addition to my beverage assortment. With botanicals, spices, and herbs you can really taste, my customers appreciate the bright and unique flavor combinations in each bottle. In addition, founders Moira and Laura are a pleasure to work with. end quotation marks
Kiki Kazickas Senior Buyer, Uncommon Goods